Exceeding 250kts under 10,000ft.

After I made Grade 3. It’s seems as if I’m no longer subject to airspeed restrictions. I was piloting an A-10 and I was warned about overspeeding. Please someone help me understand what’s different. Is it because of the type of aircraft or my grade? I was also on the training server. Maybe that’s it?

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I had the same thing. I didn’t even get a warning.

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Could you reword this part because it’s confusing me. When saying you’re no longer subject to something - it means it doesn’t affect you.

Also fighters don’t have airspeed restrictions.

Fighters do not have speed restrictions. But be aware of aerobatics in tower airspace will give you violations. Use casual server to play around with crazy speed and aerobatics.


I was on Expert escorting at 4,000 feet. What he means it that he isn’t getting violations even though he is going more than 250 kts under 10,000 feet.

I know what he means, that part just didn’t make sense.

Specific jets are not subject to the speed restriction

The varible is the plane not the grade.


Actually the limit is 260 in IF, i tested it a lot of times lately. If you go up to 258 kt with airliners there is no problem.

Yeah but mods aren’t okay with saying that, the limit is 250 and that’s it.

Yeah, i was just testing, usually i dont exceed 245 knots under 10k ft, just when i need to land quickly due to personal matters.

I trust your question is answered. Correct?

Fighter aircrafts are not bound (by violation) to the speed limit under 10,000 feet. Only airliners are.

But, as mentioned: no aerobatics near an airspace. Because that can result in a violation.
Also…don’t race through a controlled airspace at low altitude on Expert, or there’s a risk you will be ghosted.

All this has nothing to do with your Grade.