Example of an aircraft remaining in the pattern at a towered airport

While completing training for tower and ground or flying traffic patterns at a towered airport, it is important to know how to interact with eachother. This is an example of a conversation a controller and a pilot may have while the pilot remains in the pattern.

N1T3 takes off from runway 18R at KVAD to remain in the pattern. No one else is within 25nm of the airport during this entire transmission.

N1T3: Moody AFB Tower, N1T3, Ready for takeoff runway 18R, Remaining in the pattern

Tower: N1T3, Runway 18R, cleared for takeoff, make right traffic

N1T3: Cleared for takeoff, Runway 18R, N1T3

N1T3 has now taken off and is on right crosswind.

Tower: N1T3, Number 1, Cleared for the option, Runway 18R

N1T3: Cleared for the option, Runway 18R, N1T3

N1T3 has now done a touch and go on 18R and is on upwind.

N1T3: N1T3 Requesting change to runway 18L

Tower: N1T3, enter left downwind runway 18L

N1T3: enter left downwind runway 18L, N1T3

N1T3 is now on left crosswind for runway 18L.

Tower: N1T3, Runway 18L, cleared for the option after the option, make left traffic

N1T3: Cleared for the option, Runway 18L, N1T3

N1T3: N1T3 is on left downwind runway 18L, full stop

Tower: Roger

N1T3 now lands on runway 18L, full stop and is under 80knts on the runway.

Tower: N1T3, when able turn right, cross runway 18R, contact ground on the taxiway

N1T3: Wilco

N1T3 has now exited 18L and crossed 18R. After crossing the hold short line he has switched to the ground frequency.

N1T3: Moody AFB Ground, N1T3, request taxi to parking

Ground: N1T3, Taxi to parking

N1T3: Taxiing to parking, N1T3

Hope you found this helpful!


Hey, this is pretty neat, but I would also like a picture, so other people can understand what you said, thanks

I made this assuming the person reading this already has a basic understanding of the different portions of a traffic pattern. Sometimes the best way to learn something is by visualizing it, so there’s no need for a picture to reference. If you need one though, which is perfectly fine, then I would suggest reading the following post. 🙂


Ok then, thanks for showing me

No problem, thanks for taking the time to read it! 🙂

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This only works if people know their left from their rights! Had a few of those yesterday, bless em.
Good example though, always nice for clarification.

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Great info as always @Trio.

Great example for the newcomers
Like @JTM said
A pic would be nice so it would reinforce the topic and give readers a better understanding

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Nice work @Trio. Thanks for sharing this great information. Many pilots don’t seem to know this basic stuff!!

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