Exam season in Hawaii (FLIGHT 3)

Hello and good early morning from Honolulu, Hawaii 🏝️🐢🌺 where I have been for the past few days after arriving here from Miami 🏝️😎 via Dallas DFW and today I am leaving the island of O’ahu and heading south the the island of Hawai’i which is home to the town of Naleehu which is the southernmost town in the United States 🇺🇸 excluding other territories and than we head down the coast to the southernmost point in the US once again not including territories. We will be flying into Hilo this morning on Southwest Airlines, a very popular airline which actually started offering this inter island flights not long ago and WN with their fairly cheap fares but good product was a great choice since Hawaiian was too expensive. Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye airport was getting a bit crowded not only from all the Southwest and Hawaiian inter island flights but also a lot of other flights mainly departing to the US West Coast. TSA once again was a breeze since I got pre check and we made our way through the airport to grab a little snack since this flight wouldn’t be long enough for even a small beverage service and got myself a coffee and a chocolate muffin before heading over to gate E9 where our Boeing 737-800 was waiting for us.


Origin: Daniel K. Inouye International Airport 🇺🇸 (PHNL)
Destination: Hilo Intl 🇺🇸 (PHTO)
Flight Time: 0:35
Boeing 737-800 (Southwest - Heart)
Server: Expert

Taking us over to Hilo this early morning will be N8792Q a 2 year old Boeing 737-800 delivered to the luv airline in October 2022 making it about 1 and a half years old at this time. Now if you don’t know or haven’t seen my previous flight on Southwest from almost a year ago, they don’t offer assigned seating, instead they have group positions and the earlier you check in, the better your position is and I made sure to be one of the first to check in to secure a good boarding position and I did! I was one of the first 10 to board 😎

Since Southwest is a low cost airline, there are no business class seats on the plane and no not even couch style seats at the front for an additional cost like on Spirit so all 175 seats on the plane are the same Collins Aerospace Slimline seats in a 3-3 configuration except row 15 just having a 2-2 setup missing window seats so keep that in mind. My seat will be 19A which I found plenty comfortable for this short 35 minute island hop. There are also USB ports on the seat, we also lack a personal entertainment screen but since Southwest wants to save money, I understand them choosing not to install them. We didn’t have any delays once we fully boarded and taxied extremely quickly in typical Southwest fashion to runway 8L for take off!

Another smooth early morning departure in the books! 📖✏️

I made sure to pick a left side seat to get an epic view over Honolulu on our departure and it sure didn’t disappoint! 😍

Our cruising altitude for the short hop would only be 23,000ft and would also only last 3 minutes before we began our descent into Hilo, and because of this no meal service was conducted but the crew were nice but 2 stars here ⭐️⭐️ as for entertainment you can stream movies and TV shows onto your service free of charge and WN does provided a good selection. Anuvu Ku-band satellite wifi is also installed on this plane and is available for purchase but I opted out since this flight wasn’t crazy long and I wanted to look out the window for the most of it.

Now time really flies when you fly, because we were already flying along the coast of the island of Hawai’i and were already slowing down as we got closer and closer to Hilo.

We soon took a sharp turn directly heading South towards ITOs RWY 8 for landing this morning.

We actually had to perform a really sharp turn to final for our approach today scary but as always, freaky flying is always the best! 😎

And just like that, we have safely made it to Hilo! So how did the flight go? I’d say great, sure there was no service due to the short length but WN always provides a complimentary food and beverage service, the seats are a great for a “low cost airline” the benefits are great like 2 free checked bags and many more! If you pack a lot this is the airline for you! And it might be the best way to connect the islands of Hawaii with each other!

Just like all of Hawaiis airports, ITO has an outdoor fresh air area due to the tropical climate of Hawaii. I didn’t bring any bags mainly since I was only staying here 1 night and only brought a small backpack with the necessary toiletries and 2 changes of clothes for tomorrow when I head back to Honolulu. But now I gotta get another rental car and drive down to the town of Naleehu, the southernmost point and possibly maybe a drive around the whole island of Hawai’i even visiting Kona but stay tuned for tomorrows flight back to Honolulu and as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋


Nice trip report! Love these.


nice one!!!


Nice trip report! I have an idea for one!


Nice report! Are you gonna fly to OGG next?


No back to HNL and then to DFW and MIA


That trip report from Honolulu to Hilo gave me the good feeling of me wanting to travel across Hawaii one day and thus Southwest Airlines, being the airline that doesn’t have assigned seats meaning that u can sit wherever you want and if I were to be on Southwest Airlines I would choose to sit at the right side because on other airlines such as American Airlines, you’re assigned a seat. Especially that it is basic, you cannot select a seat for free, meaning that you’ll be assigned a seat at checkin. For example, when Grandma and I were traveling to Atlanta for our NIN, we were assigned a seat at the left side of the plane and I didn’t like it. Now imagine me being assigned a middle seat or an isle seat, that’s no luck on the left side. But if it’s on the right side, then fair luck. Now if it’s on the right side at the window, then pure luck. But anyways, nice lovely trip report @NonStopsAviation

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Thank you and that’s why I never book basic economy, I always want to get the seats with the best possible view.

I love Southwest 💙❤️💛

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Amazing trip reports as always, keep it up! literally, keep flying!

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