Exam season in Hawaii (FLIGHT 2)

Hello everyone from terminal D at Dallas Fort Worth Intl Airport where I had just arrived from Miami 🏝️😎 on an American Airlines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner and now we’re continuing our journey to Honolulu, Hawaii 🏝️🐢🌺 today on one of AAs Boeing 777-200ERs. I’m honestly a bit concerned about this flight since even though it’s a long haul flight, we might not get long haul treatment in economy class since it’s a domestic flight and they treat their 6 hour flights to Hawaii 🏝️🐢🌺 from Phoenix like a 2 hour domestic hop in terms of soft product and even hard product. Luckily the latter won’t as bad since we are flying a widebody but I wonder how the soft product will be like. In case the worst happens, I bought some snacks and ate a bit of Chick-fil-a before coming back to gate D33 just a few gates down from my arrival to see the plane.


Origin: Dallas Fort Worth International Airport 🇺🇸 (KDFW)
Destination: Daniel K. Inouye International Airport 🇺🇸 (PHNL)
Flight Time: 7:47
Boeing 777-200ER (American Airlines)
Server: Expert

Here is a sadly obstructed view of our aircraft today, N770AN a January 1999 built B777-200ER and remember how I flew the 2nd oldest Dreamliner in service at American? Yeah well this is the OLDEST B772 in service at AA! We’re flying some old planes today huh 😂 luckily the interior isn’t 25 years old and has been renovated so it won’t be falling apart but let’s get on board!

One boarded you’ll be greeted with Americans 20 flagship business seats utilizing the Safran Concept D seats in a 1-2-1 configuration with 2 cabins in total. Behind that is the small premium economy section using Collins Aerospace MiQ seats in a 2-4-2 setup seating 24 and behind that are the 2 sections of main cabin utilizing Safran 5751 slimlines in a 3-4-3 configuration with 212 seats making this plane seat 256 in total. The first 3 rows in each cabin section along with an extra 4th in the middle column are sold as “Main Cabin Extra” providing extra legroom. All seats are equipped with the Panasonic eX2 AVOD with live TV along with the aircraft being fitted with Panasonic high speed satellite Wi-Fi. My seat for todays journey to paradise will be 29L which is good in comfort as I’ve flown in this seat plenty of times already and never really had an uncomfortable experience. No pillows or blankets though which is strange for a long haul flight but I didn’t plan on sleeping so not really a big deal and we did have a good view outside of at the minute another American B772 but in the One World livery this time but it would get better soon. We did close the doors a bit later than anticipated due to some delays at other airports but we still pushed back not long after and made our way to DFWs runway 36R for departure!

Departure was as smooth as I could’ve asked for bravo to these pilots 👏 I don’t know why but B777 pilots always fly so smooth and wonderful.

Last look over the monstrous Dallas Fort Worth metro area, the DFW metros area is the 4 largest in the country behind Chicago’s 🫘💨, Los Angeles 🌴📸 and New York City 🗽🍎 a vast area for sure! But now we continue west to paradise!

We climbed up to FL340 and the crew began getting up and preparing the “meal service” by Seymour, Texas 🌵🤠 and look at that vast country side! And just like that lunch was served and what did we get? Well we got a chicken wrap, some chocolate, chips and beverage of choice which I went with Coke. Now while this meal was alright, it did feel a bit bland and small but still well appreciated like they could have gave us a snack and drink only but they at least did provide more than that even if it also a bit underwhelming. The crew were in a great mood and said that they ENJOY working these flights from DFW to Hawaii 🏝️🐢🌺 since majority of them stay until the return flight THE NEXT DAY no wonder why they are so happy so 4 stars for service American! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I wanted to catch up with a few of my friends so I paid for the Wi-Fi which was a bit pricey and also wasn’t too fast but not terribly slow either more on the average side in terms of speed. The IFE does provide lots of great options so I tuned into some Victorious to keep me entertained for almost 8 hours.

Around 2 and a half hours or 6 episodes later we crossed the California coast 🌴🐻🏄 above Santa Barbara and in the back you can see the massive LA 🌴📸 metro I mentioned earlier but now it’s time for 5 hours of endless water!

Since there isn’t much to see at this point, let’s skip those 5 hours and we’re now officially in Hawaii! 🏝️🐢🌺 and right before our descent we got our final “meal” service once again which was the basic snacks and complimentary beverage and we say a video about Hawaiian agriculture and we had to sign some forms before arrival so we did just that and we are clear to enter the Aloha State!

And with a lovely introduction to Honolulu and the island of O’ahu, we’re now on final to HNLs RWY 8L we are so close, I can smell the beach from here!

And after a long almost 8 hours of flying, welcome to Honolulu! And believe it or not, we are still in the USA 🇺🇸 now onto this flight even though I love American, this flight was a disappointment in my opinion not because of the hard product or even the IFE those were great. But the main thing that bugged me was the soft product mainly the “meals” this flight even though it’s a domestic flgiht


Anything surpassing 6 hours according to the IATA is considered “long haul” and even American considers anything flight longer than 3,000 miles long haul and DFW and HNL are 3,777 miles apart so there’s really no excuse for poor meal services on this flight even the flights from NYC 🗽🍎 to London Heathrow, UK 🇬🇧☕️ which can be as short as 6 hours and 15 minutes or even sub 6 if the winds are strong enough get better meals than this, I know AA can do better but they simply choose not to so this will unfortunately be remembered as one of the worst flights I’ve taken in terms of quality of soft product.

We arrived into HNLs concourse E at gate 3 which was strange since I expected to arrive into concourse C but oh well it doesn’t really matter. And we were soon off to collect our bags which thankfully made it all the way from Miami 🏝️😎 and didn’t get lost in DFW or even in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And we soon went to get a rental car, eat a PROPER meal and go explore the island of O’ahu and see what it has to offer but that’s not all for Hawaii 🏝️🐢🌺 on this trip. We’ll be heading to one extra island since all of them are too expensive but I choose the island of Hawai’i home to the town of Naalehu which is the southernmost town in the USA 🇺🇸 we’ll be returning to Southwest Airlines for that flight so stay tuned for that review and as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋


My favorite route in IF, you definitely have my approval!


Bonus for the aircraft type to?

Isn’t this normally on the 787?

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It was but right now it’s using the B772

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I haven’t seen that show in ages. Me and my sister used to watch it before and during COVID. Gives me a bit of nostalgia.


I started rewatching it again recently and I’m enjoying it!

I even squeezed a reference to the show in the first installment of this trip

Whereabouts is it I can’t find it. I really wanna know what it is.

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Yes, but they restarted the 777 service 4 days ago, they haven’t flown the 777 on that route since September

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Beginning of the last paragraph

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I think I should do the same. Have you seen Sam and Cat by any chance?

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Yeah! ( I’m watching it rn as I finished both iCarly and Victorious )

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I’m starting to get into these trip reports, nice shots too! 🌺

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