Exactly What is it with 60N/S Latitude Issue?

This is a problem that has bugged me ever since the release of Global…

Now, it’s bad when a region has no HD satellite imagery. However it is even worse when there is no 3D imagery. We are missing out on some of the most beautiful scenery in the world in places such as Svalbard, a place I’ve wanted to fly to ever since before Global. I even ignore places like Anchorage simply because there is no 3D scenery.

And even places like Antarctica, which is very lonely and barren, but can be very calming to fly over. Especially for cool missions in the C-17.

So exactly why can we not have 3D imagery above or below 60 latitude? I just don’t understand it. I couldn’t find a legit source of information through Google.


Posted a while ago. There must be technical reasons for this


There isn’t enough data to cover those regions. And not to mention it’s hard to get. :/

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My guess is due to fact that Earth is rotating so the satelliate would have to make many obitial passes over North and South Poles to capture images of remain landscape over 60N/S.

Unlike those satelliates that travel with rotation of Earth between 60N/S that can take just couple of images to capture large area in one go. Like Seb said, it’s complicated.


There’s a few different things causing this;

There are available datasets containing correct elevations for the entire world. But they come with a major downer;

They also contain terrain elevations for the sea beds.
Imagine how that would look in Infinite Flight when passing over the Atlantic…

We’re looking into various ways of resolving this, but haven’t reached a final solution yet. But we’re working it.

Personally I can’t wait for this, considering two thirds of my own country being above 60N.


I can’t wait for FNF in the Marianas Trench. That density altitude is going to be something.

In all seriousness, I’m looking forward to flying north and south of 60 degrees, but it’ll be a nice bonus when it comes. Like a couple of regions getting reworks!


So what you’re saying is that the ocean would have a bunch of hills and dips in it? (Since the seabed is not flat)

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I agree that it’s a bit saddening to not be able to see 3D scenery over 60 N/S. Imagine the Nordic countries, Alaska and Northern Canada, and Antarctica! However, it is truly a shame that we don’t have data for it…I can’t wait for HD South American scenery and 3D scenery at 60 N/S. It’ll come when it comes, and that is enough for me. I know FDS will come through sooner or later.

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Yes. That’s correct.


Don’t we all love the Marianas Trench? I’ve heard a lot lives down there, and the scenery is gorgeous!

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