Ex-Virgin Atlantic A340-600 "Thank You NHS" Livery Revealed

An ex-Virgin Atlantic A340-600 has been revived with a new carrier and a special livery

Last month, Virgin Atlantic retired its last A340-600s, one of them being G-VNAP.

Now, this A340-600 is back in service with a different airline to join the fight against COVID-19.

This aircraft, registered as 9H-EAL, is now operating for Maleth-Aero and features a “Thank you NHS (National Health Service)” decal at the front of the aircraft.

The aircraft was revealed yesterday and is now expected to re-enter service shortly.

This will be Maleth-Aero’s second A340-600. The company is a charter airline based in Malta.

This aircraft was painted by @AirbourneColour. While this A340-600 will operate cargo-only flights for now, I assume it’ll retain the old Virgin Atlantic seats?

The aircraft operated its inaugural flight with the livery from Bournemouth to Tianjin and back. Right now, it’s flying from Bournemouth to Kuala Lumpur and then to Budapest. You can track it here: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/9h-eal

What are your thoughts on this special livery?


I love it. Our frontline health care workers are doing an extraordinary job. There fighting so hard to control this virus.


It also had “a big virgin atlantic thank you” titles

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Oh dang… that’s fitting.

Went from “Thank You” Virgin Atlantic’s customers to “Thank You” NHS.

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It’s nice, but feels a little lopsided. The A340 is a looong boy, so I’m not sure why they crammed the whole message in the front. Obviously the sentiment is what matters though!


Might be the picture lol. This one from Airbourne Colour was taken at a weird angle

This is a better angled picture, but not good quality.





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Any information on where it’ll fly? Seems like a cool aircraft!

High quality pic from @EuropeanAvGroup

It had its inaugural flight in the livery a few days ago from Bournemouth to Tianjin and back. Yesterday it flew from Bournemouth to Kuala Lumpur to pick up 20 million surgical gloves for the NHS. Right now it’s flying from KUL to Budapest.

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Also just realized the registration 9H-EAL says “Heal”…

That angle makes the livery look much better!

Just flown over Holsworthy Devon at 9000ft then 7900ft.
Planefinder.net has it doing approach to Newquay Airport at1450gmt (1550bst), looked fantastic, pity didnt get picture

That livery is not that bad tbh!

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