General Aviation low approach into Newark, LaGuardia and JFK as all three airports are quieter than usual.

very interesting to see large commericial airports used for ga. wish I could do that irl. time to do it in Infinite Flight :)

Please don’t. 🤣


i mean its fine if its not busy right?

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Well, any GA Aircraft shouldn’t fly into these airports in the first place. But since this is just a simulator, once this does not affect any of the heavy jumbos around the Airspace then it should be fine.


i think that since its not the event or ifatc schedule day so there isn’t much traffic. not that bad right?

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It really depends. I’m from the Midwest and fly a PA-28 into Indianapolis International all the time. While I haven’t been into any mega busy airspaces, (Chicago, SoCal, New York), it’s usually best practice to phone up the control tower hours before and let them know what you want to do.

During these times, it sounds like people are just cold calling up the tower and since they’ve got nothing better to do, they just accommodate their requests.


Wow! This is awesome. Nice to see a new perspective flying into these airports. Thanks for sharing.


This reminds me of when my instructor and I did a touch and go at Dulles behind an Air France 777-300. It’s always fun flying into big airports in small aircraft!

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@naro that sound like lots of fun. maybe when I get my PPL, I’ll call Toronto (CYYZ) Tower and see if I can do a touch and go there. or Billy Bishop (CYTZ) would be so cool too! thanks for the insight.

@dca.iad.aviation flying small aircraft into large airports is quite satisfying to watch. maybe one day…

Do it and you see yourself are got into trouble with jumbo planes

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Just get into the TBM, and make it as heavy as possible so it can carry some extra speed upon landing, it could work, I dunno

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Hey man, from a person that lives in Newark, I see plently of GA everyday xD


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