Evolution of the Display Name

Blog article by Jason Rosewell

Changes are coming to display names in Infinite Flight. Since before the addition of global flight, pilots have had the option to set both a display name and a call sign to uniquely identify themselves. While this kind of flexibility can be fun and entertaining from a user perspective, it can also pose some difficult challenges from a community standpoint. This legacy feature has had its day in the sun and will now be retiring.

Some key takeaways (TL;DR):

  • Display names will be removed in the near future (no date set)
  • Connecting your forum account via the upcoming account settings page in-app will be optional
  • If you connect your forum account, your forum username will be displayed with your call sign
  • Leaving your Infinite Flight and forum account disconnected is okay, and in this case, only your call sign will be displayed in-app
  • VO forum profile setting (from the pre-populated dropdown menu) will be added alongside call sign in-app (1 organization only)
  • This is to help prevent creative harassment and trolling in-app, as well as help communication between community members, staff, and moderators
  • The main obvious question will be, “right, but can I change my forum username now?” This question will be answered in time, so we ask for your patience in the mean time.

Please read the full article for more context.

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Cool change!


Great Jason!

Very interesting! Did not see this coming at all and sounds very exciting connecting the IFC to the sim. Can see this will help a lot with not just things like ghosting but chatting to other community members. Awesome work team this seems complicated.

Happy Flying :)


This is so cool! Good work!

I just think it’s a bit of a shame that you don’t have a name otherwise :(

From my point of view it would also be better if you can write several VA names in front of your name :)


Brilliant! Thanks for the time and thought put into this new system. This will for sure help the simulator stay cleaner and more “friendlier” for all users. Along with connecting the community with the app.

Awesome changes team!


Nice, I’m excited!

Edit: I have to say, I didn’t see this coming though.

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Looks like this feature request has finally become a reality.

What a pity we can’t keep display names though.


Exactly! Want to connect with that random person who rocked their wings and flashed their lights at you? Have feedback for someone? Want to swap pictures with someone flying the same route? This is a great way to engage! 🙂


Called it half a month ago


This is a really cool change.

Thanks for all you do!😊


Just like at KOSH 😉


Wow, very nice. Just one question, will it be like my ifc username and then my callsign comes up, or my callsign and my ifc username is in 1 line

Absolutely great Change.


Honestly something I’d never expect. I quite enjoyed the display name we have now, but then again:

“Out with the old”.

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Can someone explain to me whats being removed? I kind of don’t understand it.

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I ike this change, but I have my concerns. It’s a great way of bringing together that community aspect of IF even more. However, what if some people still want a “display name” per say, but don’t necessarily want to be on the forum? It seems a bit iffy to just kinda force someone onto the IFC to have that extra little nametag displayed


Our display names. In the future you won’t have a display of (eg. IFC PilotCSG)

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Yeah I like having my call sign and a flight number as my display name say DL732

@jasonrosewell @Chris_S I have an underscore under my name how will this work in IF?


omgggggg. unexpected indeed.

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