Evolution of Global Flight

You don’t say? Haha. 1-2 weeks. Funny guy :)

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Let the developers work That’s how we’ll get the fastest soon

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There is no telling as to how long a version of any app like IF can be in beta, there are so many variables that can change when developing things like this. Nobody really knows, pointless guessing tbh.


Then please dont speculate, your making a laughing stock out of yourself by some of us IT guys and developers.

So you beta tested for FDS?

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Everything that is on Alpha is basically a prototype.

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If he is openly admitting it I doubt it


Clearly what is so funny?

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Is this from yesterday

Yeah that was from yesterday

Did he go to ATL. I saw him flying yesterday too.

Yeah he landed in Atlanta, along with someone else that landed in ATL in a Frontier A318.

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I think it’s a good time to remind everyone about the old programming adage:

The last 10% of the code takes 90% of the time to complete.


@wren_jago Yes I have, for both Live and ATC and for both times it took more then 2-3 months till it was released to the rest of you guys. And no, I am no longer testing for FDS.

@KapitanBrozy Whats so funny is that how some of you guys kept on ignoring this statement made by Philippe
but still has many bugs and a few features to iron out before we start beta testing

and kept on saying how its going to be released in a few weeks or a month. Then I start seeing stuff like this, its going to be released in a few days. Like really??

and it has nothing do with you being a developer, you could have just googled how long beta testing takes and you would have your answer.

The internet isnt just out there for just social media. If you use it wisely you can learn some stuff.

The larger a new program is the longer it takes to test.


Apologies for my mistake but most beta testers are extremely secretive with their work and it was odd to see one openly admit to it. And also , you can’t just google how ping beta takes as rn is different for each app/game

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You can’t do that for each game/program but you can get an average time period it takes to figure out how long it might take and then of course the company/organization size matters as well.

Well - if this is the amount of alpha guys around 12 or so then beta is obviously going to be considerably larger so what is your estimate then?

Im easily gonna put down another 2 to 3 months on it but then again I dont know whats going on BTS or how many bugs have these guys encountered, so I dont wanna speculate either.

I agree there will be bugs but I think 3 months is very long - anyway enough with speculating


I’ll give it a solid 4 months, and then beta probably 2 weeks to a month