Evolution of Global Flight

He sqid that about a month ago🤔🤔

it hasn’t even been a month since the post

Are you aware that what you just said has absolutely no relation to what cameron said?

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Ok I’m sorry but maybe even Phillipe was just estimating I mean for every update we have usually alpha runs for a week and then beta runs for 1-2 weeks

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Alpha could take months

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It was posted 19 days ago

On the 1st of February if that’s right we’ll there are 28 days in February if alpha is 1 then it’s the 26 + 2 more weeks of beta = March 12 1 1/2 months from his what is global poat🙂

I just don’t care about Aerofail

Really? I’m yet to see an IF beta run for just 2 weeks :)


2 weeks??? Beta is normally only a few hours then all bugs magically dissapear


Don’t ruin it - let us live in the illusion that it will be here in 4 weeks

Been a while since we saw a new feature, I think that because now that Alpha is starting we won’t see as much or no features, but that’s just a theory… a ChiknNRice theory…


Don’t start speculating. It may cause problems later down the forum. Just saying…


Your kidding right??

Last time I beta tested for these guys it take more then 3 months till the update was released to the public.


Beta I doubt it will be 3 months if everything goes well in Alpha it will be about a week and Beta will be 1-2 days max but I am guessing who knows.

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Bruh you’re killing me. You have 0 idea sigh


Bruh, I am not a developer 😂

I predict that global will be released on Laura’s Birthday which is late March


Her birthday is LATE march

Yes apologies I just checked will change now

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