Evolution of Global Flight

I think my vision of a Christmas or New Year’s global flight present is diminishing. However, keep up the good work FDS!


My birthday is not on the 26th :)


I was waiting for this 😂:) when is your birthday then 😂

Lol I wonder where he got the 26th from

Your birthday is on the 24th of march, 22 days after mine.

It will likely be blue, because there is no terrain at the North Pole- it’s ocean

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Laura did not deny that recent fuel burn speculation.

Work is being done on Fuel Burn yes, no guarantees about when it will come, as usual.


Are there any developments for a fix of the 787’s MTOW MLW and empty weight? That would be very important and the number that Boeing has officially backed are dofferent from the ones in IF.

She’s aiming too far south, she looks as if she’s headed to Shreveport.

We’ll know when there’s a crown on her profile pic and it’s not May 1.

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That could mean anniversary

Her birthday is March 24, it’s in the regular birthday topic.


Do you say that global flight would be released by marchh??!!

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I dont know why, but they say that will be released by laura’s birthday (march 24) :(

They are just assuming. Not a single person has any idea when it’s coming.

No why?? .

It needs to hurry.

They are going to take there time.

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Time is money, and with currency devaluing every day, it behooves a faster progress.

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