Evolution of Global Flight

i understand global looks like a lot of very hard word i think i was expecting a little to much xD

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#Pray For LNAV

LNAV has already been confirmed


I mean kinda

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I’m prett sure it was confirmed as one of the first things to be confirmed. Maybe I’m wron though

If we dont get terrain change it will be so fail. Green mountains at North Pole, leems segit. Same as flying over the Sahara desert, green Mountains. Would be so fail IMO


Hahaha, Yeah

All features previously confirmed (LNAV) should be in global. Its only additional features I believe they were talking about.


Yeah I am hoping for a different terrain rendering which should be in because I am sick of mountains and the occasional grass in london.

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If Live flight could make auto nav im sure Laura can and also cant they just port that autonav script and call it LNAV

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Can you use the ask Cameron if you could use the autonav?

Laura does need to, LNAV developed by FDS was demonstrated on previous flights by Laura.

Why are they saying no significant feature will be added then

LiveFlight is licenced under the GPL and IF is proprietary software. This means that IF would not be able to include the liveflight connect code without releasing that modified source code to be compatible with the GPL.

Besides, LNAV is already confirmed.

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No New significant feautures. They are just working on perfecting what the already developed. LNAV was worked on with Global. They arent adding new features to global except what they have. Since LNAV was already developed they are fine tuning it for Global.


So just add in to the mania and with time u turn from TL1to TL2… right?

The hype…

Can’t wait

CAN ANYONE ANSWER THIS! For global flight will the autopilot follow the course by itself Or will we have to sit there for 3hrs changing the course to 135 degrees from 237

It’s called LNAV. Laura has shown images of her testing it but we are unsure if it will be available when global is realsed.