Evolution of Global Flight

If there are countless servers of global flight because of overcrowding, it makes global worthless. Imagine how many people fly in this earth IRL right now. I pretty much think game crashing is resulted by overcrowding, not population. 170 players in SoCal is a problem, 300 in the whole world is not. See the difference?

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Its not about density, its about quantity. But I get your point. We are not developers though, so we can only trust FDS.


Alright, let them blast for their best. Make Infinite Flight great again for 2017!


Yes we can!.. let them do that. 😉😁

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App Store has handled that one MARIO game and much bigger. IF servers could be stressed though.

Credits to Laura 😉


Is that a new Global photo or is it an old one?

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That’s the new one. Taken from Laura’s comment linked above 😉


New image of global from Tyler !
It looks so real!


Damn that looks so real…


Beat me to it! That topic is getting real!


To be honest it does look a bit photoshoped.

By far my favourite image of global that’s been released. Stunning.

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Global is really coming a long way! Although I’m starting to have mixed feelings about this. Obviously I appreciate the pictures they’re sharing because they showcase the progress and awesomeness of Infinite Flight, but the length of time over which they have been shared kind of starts diminishing the “global vibes.” At the same time I know that they also could’ve shared zero photos with us, and its very generous that the devs decided to do otherwise. I am very excited about the update, don’t get me wrong! Just seeing all the testers and photos, along with the posts with them saying “how awesome it is” almost feels like we’re having it rubbed in our faces.
Just keep up the great work, and continue to make Infinite Flight better! Big thanks to the devs and testers :))


Wow… Im… Wow… #speechless

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I think the same. Obviously the devs have made an outstanding job. Coding all day, even during holidays, testing rigorously to make sure we get the best part. I am sure they want global out as much as we do, but it obviously gets tiring. We don’t have much choice other than wait, so that’s what we are doing.
Global jut recently reached a huge milestone, but we are yet to know anything regarding pricing, ATC and the MD-11 and DC-10. Don’t get me wrong, the amount of information they have shared with us is imnmense. Something like 4 topics in 6 months, but that doesn’t mean all the information is already delivered. I would rather they share information instead of pictures of scenery that is amazing, but that we already know it exists. Hopefully no one misunderstands me.
FDS, wish you luck! It’s the last few steps!


Crazy, eh? We’ll share screenshots within the FDS team and constantly have to double-take… the realism is certainly something else.


May I ask you where that photo was taken?

The pic i have taken? At east midlands on expert server. I made a flight from london city over there. During my final approach i noticed they violett colour of the badge and decided to park next to him.

Was the same flight when i made the pic of you in the cathy 747 crossing my path about 2000ft above and behind me.

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Central Greece just before I started descending into Corfu International Airport.