Evolution of Global Flight


Forgot to write it😂


The only weather confirmed right now is fog right? And will it still be live winds and visibility and what not?

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As far as I know they haven’t taken away live winds. In fact they added the jetstream.

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I don’t think there would be any clouds or stuff like that, since people didn’t mention that. Should be just visibility, live winds, and sunny weather. And @Christian_Glass mentioned, jet-stream :)

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Can’t wait to find out!

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Can I have a screenshot please?

Are those windows covered? Look different to usual??

They look exactly the same.

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Ok so no reworked window lights for any old aircraft


Not that we know of.

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Engines look the same, arent there new fan blades or whatver for the start/stop


Because the engines are on?

Sorry if this has been answered but has fuel dumping from the wing been confirmed yet?

AS in this video.

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I believe there will be a way to remove fuel from the aircraft but I am not sure about the animation.


On the FlightCast Podcast they said they were thinking about adding it. I wonder, if they add it, will you be able to see the fuel being dumped?

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Hopefully although some of my friends play this game and they will think its chemtrails LOL.


Fuel Dumping has not been confirmed from what I know and from what has been discussed. It wasnt on the lists of confirmed features and the developers said months ago after the Flightcast video that they had finished adding features to the current Global build. In addition, they have been sure to prevent people from abusing the fuel burn and fuel dump would create a problem with people dumping fuel to create fuel emergencies, which ATC commands are confirmed. This means that pre flight planning will be needed to have the correct fuel. If you have too much fuel to land you can always go into a holding pattern to burn fuel before landing.


If dumping fuel was added then people would just get close to an airport, dump fuel, and call a fuel emergency…


@Dhops isn’t that almost word for word what @anon2063420 just said? Seems kind of redundant, just like his comment next time. Kind Regards ;)