Evolution of Global Flight

Not that there have been any official statement regarding it, or even it’s existence. I have however not experienced it. That part of Alpha is one thing that haven’t been an issue at any stage.

I did have problems before testing began.


you the man Schyllmeister!


What do you mean about the others? Do you mean features?

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Yeah, the other features that he mentioned.😀

Here is every confirmed feature. I hope this answers your question ☺️


You might want to try Inflight Assistant App, it’s a companion App, and it has actually worked great for me. I personally just use the FO call outs and the GPWS add on. I hope in the near future the an add on can be developed for TCAS.

Sorry y’all… Back on topic !



guys imagine this game in a few years and it all started in a market people thought was impossible to create something with good standards but the devs created a game that is getting close to rivalling PC standards just a few more updates and I think IF could rival FSX but that is if the devs implement features like a working cockpit ,better aircraft lights , clouds ,rain ,3D structures but they may seem simple but it’s really not but this is where the devs really show what they can do with a smartphone game, global flight ,and who isn’t hyped or excited or just wanting a little bit to fly in global


To get to FSX’s level the sim would have to be on an actual PC, plus Microsoft stopped developing and updating FSX. So it’s really at a halt now.

I’m just an optimistic person and hope for better things to come

That’s a hhhuuuugggeee sentence. Use punctuation, it’s easier and nicer


I am terrible with my English and punctuation

Dont expect it to release “soon”, since Laura is vacationing (again) and said earlier on she couldnt handle a release not being at home. These are in the end probably just minor delays, however one usually prefers going on vacation after the work is done. Maybe her part is done tho? Didnt she say she works preferably on aircraft on the SanFran podcast?


Has anyone noticed how the global photo shots have became less frequent on Laura’s and the IF instagram pages? I think its possibly a sign that we are getting close.

She could have been talking about the ~End of 2016 holidays.

Or that they lost the memory stick with global on it ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Well she landed in Paris 3 hours ago which means they might be more frequent, just a guess.

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She is in Paris! I will go out and find her then! I will try to found her tomorrow on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées. I am sure she will be there ;)


She said that this year so she was obviously talking about 2017 simmer holidays.

Tbh it looks cartoonish, but don’t get me wrong this looks really good, just a bit fake in a way.

You should ask her for a preview of global :) (just kidding)