EvO1324's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A (Passed Practical) This can be closed now

Hey Everyone welcome to my ATC tracking thread. I am currently preparing to apply for IFATC in the coming weeks. Please leave any feedback below, thanks.

Current Airport: LFBO Toulouse Blagnac
Frequencies: Tower and Ground
Runways in use: 14L 14R
Metar: N/A
Next ATC session: N/A


I’m definitely coming

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I’m accepting patterns now because there’s barely any traffic here

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I’m open now for patterns come on down

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Sorry I can’t i’m in an event

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All good man maybe next time. Enjoy the event!

Closed now I’m controlling at the same time tomorrow at EGLC again. Come on down for some patterns then.

I would recommend you choosing a different airport for two reasons: First most of the time there is lots of traffic in the area because of EGLL, and that’s not good for pattern work ( that’s what you should train the most since it’s the thing that will be tested in your practical) at EGLC. Second a double runway airport is better in order to give your testers more possibilities to test (for example runway change).
In general the Airport shouldn’t be in a very busy area or busy itself
I wish you good luck on your ATC journey!

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Thanks for that advice, I will make sure to choose a more suitable location in future.

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Now open at PGUM for patterns come on down if you can

Closed I am experiencing issues with my game. Thanks @Toby172 for showing up

Open at Palm Springs for patterns

Open now for patterns.


On my way!

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I was the A319 doing patterns.

  1. I requested pushback and you approved, but the correct response would have been taxi because there was grass behind me making it a taxi through gate

  2. Be more aware of the aircraft taxiing. I taxied through the grass multiply times and I got no warning

  3. No need to say make left traffic if I didn’t touch down because on takeoff you told me left traffic

  4. Don’t over control! The extend downwind and speed commands are unnecessary because pilots should know how to visually space each other.

  5. Nice job with the exit runway command for doozy

  6. Nice job with the please check runway

Overall good session! Keep practicing and you will be IFATC in no time!

Best of Luck,
Aviation3 :)

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll make sure to put that into practise next time. :)

No problem. See you in the skies!

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Open now I have my practical in one hour any help appreciated :)

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Hey mate. Just make sure to update the title when closed :)


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