Evo Blue United Express CRJ-700

The United crj-700 in the new livery is a must need. This is such a good livery for flight like Lax-Ase and more!

I would like to see this livery along side the SkyWest livery, if it ever gets added that is

Ya we need that one too

Hope fully more people see this and vote. This will make the crj-700 way more fun to fly

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You may want to find a picture that isn’t so blurry to head this topic with. It’s a stunning livery that deserves attention, so an amazing picture only seems fitting! Just a suggestion!

Will do please vote

we need this livery~

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At my limit but fully support this though, we also need an update on their CRJ200

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Topic bump please vote

I love this, but I honestly don’t think it’s worth my vote. Sorry.

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You technically have 5 more votes left since you’re a member

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Please vote

The United CRJs could definitely be updated


Yess although we need to crj2 the most!

Bump! This would be cool to fly :)