Evil Plane Spotting @RKSI

Seoul Incheon Spotting


I flew out to Seoul on 3/28 to explore, and had around 6 hours to kill at the airport while I waited for my cousin to arrive from Frankfurt. As soon as I transferred to Terminal 1 for the observation deck, it started raining pretty darn hard. The weather had me feeling pretty sinister, so I took advantage of the damp weather and started spotting anyways. Seoul has some pretty interesting early morning movements. Enjoy!


thai and uzbek chillin’ at the gate

the first of many, many… many asiana 777s

asiana and t’way a330s

can anyone find the 777?

asiana a359 and kalitta b744

in case you forgot what city we’re in

push push push push

ty a350

you are NOT batman

(different day) keepin’ it clean

Hope you enjoyed? Stay tuned for another topic soon??


Did you manage to see where HL7428 was stored at ICN?

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Me when I Nikon D5000

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No. I think you’re lying and it’s not there.


Underneath the plane!!!

pingu in south korea, what will he do??

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I have been told that I am wrong

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so much fog! must have had a lot of delays?

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Surprisingly not, things seemed to be operating pretty quickly. I was there for 5-6 hours but there was a constant traffic flow throughout


wow! impressive.

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