Everything that needs changing in Singapore

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But first, let me try to merge all my topics here. Aaaaaand I can’t, just yet… Would an admin or mod be kind enough to help me to merge all topics related to WSSS that are created by me? Thanks!


Not as messy as I expected…

@Aernout, so how is it?

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Use @moderators instead… :/

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It would help if you would add all the links in a comment in here so we don’t miss anything.

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What do I need to fix now again? XD What did I do wrong? Tell me!

Wilco, it’s gonna get messy.

We are patiently waiting ;)

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Thanks! Just a quick note, I am currently on my way back home and I believe my computer would do a better job so yea

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Speaking of WSSS, from which aprons do the 738s of Malaysia depart towards WMKK?

Aprons: A, B, E, F

Simply saying, Terminal 2 and 3 :)


I Thought they depart from Terminal 2.
Back to Topic. Sorry for keep sending OOT Messages

I thought so too but as a precautionary measure, I looked up on Changi Airport’s website

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