Everything Included in Non-Pro(Aircraft & Regions)

So far, I have gone through the California Region and Aircraft, offered to non-pro subscribers. For these regions I have gone trough them in IF multiple times, at different zoom levels to find and note any airports along the way. The lists are as follows:
Note: This topic is still a work in progress


Some are specific liveries

  • Airbus A321-200
  • Airbus A380-800
  • Boeing 717-200
  • Boeing 737-700
  • Boeing 747-400
  • Boeing C-17 Globemaster III
  • Bombardier CRJ-200
  • Cessna 172(“Civil Air Patrol”, “Default”, “Near North Aviation”, & “YellowBlue”)
  • Cessna 208 Caravan
  • Cirrus SR22
  • CubCrafters XCub(“EAA 50th” & “Launch Edition N500XC”)
  • Fairchild Republic A-10
  • Lockhead Martin P-38
  • McDonnell Douglas F/A-18
  • Supermarine Mk VIII
California Region Airports**
  • KAPC (Class Charlie)
  • KBFL (Class Bravo)
  • KBUR (Class Charlie)
  • KBYS (Class Charlie)
  • KCCR (Class Delta)
  • KCRQ (Class Delta)
  • KHHR (Class Delta)
  • KMER (Class Bravo)
  • KMHR (Class Bravo)
  • KMHV (Class Bravo)
  • KMOD (Class Charlie)
  • KMRY (Class Charlie)
  • KNFG (Class Charlie)
  • KNKX (Class Bravo)
  • KNLC (Class Bravo)
  • KNSI (Class Charlie)
  • KNTD (Class Bravo)
  • KNXP (Class Charlie)
  • KNZY (Class Charlie)
  • KOXR (Class Charlie)
  • KPMD (Class Bravo)
  • KPAO (Class Delta)
  • KRNM (Class Delta)
  • KSAC (Class Delta)
  • KSBD (Class Bravo)
  • KSBP (Class Charlie)
  • KSCK (Class Bravo)
  • KSDM (Class Charlie)
  • KSEE (Class Delta)
  • KSMF (Class Charlie)
  • KSTS (Class Charlie)
  • KSUU (Class Bravo)
  • KTNX (Class Bravo)
  • KTOA (Class Delta)
  • KVBG (Class Bravo)
  • KVCV (Class Bravo)
  • KWHP (Class Delta)
  • KWJF (Class Charlie)
  • KCMA (Class Charlie)
  • KEMT (Class Delta)
  • KLGB (Class Bravo)
  • KLVK (Class Delta)
  • KNID (Class Bravo)
  • KNRS (Class Delta)
  • KNUQ (Class Bravo)
  • KSBA (Class Charlie)
  • KSMO (Class Delta)
  • KSMX (Class Charlie)
  • KSNA (Class Charlie)
  • KSNS (Class Charlie)
  • KVNY (Class Charlie)
  • KEDW (Class Bravo)
  • KFAT (Class Bravo)
  • KNUC (Class Bravo)
  • KOAK (Class Bravo)
  • KONT (Class Bravo)
  • KPSP (Class Bravo)
  • KSAN (Class Bravo)
  • KSFO (Class Bravo)
  • KSJC (Class Bravo)
  • MMTJ (Class Bravo)
  • KLAX (Class Bravo)

^If you are looking to randomize a flight to or from one these regions you can use the tools I created here:
Simply click “Run on JSFiddle”

*Data accurate as of 10/12/20
**Data accurate as of 5/22/20


Maybe as an improvement group them by class so:

Class Bravo Airports
Class Charlie Airports


But good job so far!


Just updated this topic to add the free aircraft and airport classes for the California Region

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