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Addressed To The Community,

I’ve been on this forum for quite a while now, seeing my Trust Level 3 come and go. I’d like to address certain behavior I’ve observed over the past weeks, or even months. By no means am I trying to act like a mini-mod, or something similar. I’d just like to go over some points, and hopefully help out some of the new comers to the IFC. With that said, I’ll try to keep this as short and straight forward as possible.

Keeping threads clean - how much is too much?

Take this thread as an example:

Lately, mods have been closing this thread a lot. Want to know why? There was, and still is a lot of off-topic chat. You can easily see what I mean if you take a scroll through recent posts. This is a development thread, not a place to speculate (more on that later), but a place to share your excitement with others, and track the development process, as the title discloses. Off-topic comments lead to clutter within the already large thread. Now this is by no means the only thread I’ve seen this problem with, I just chose this for an example. Keep it on-topic, the thread will stay open - trust me, it’ll be funner or all of us.


This is kind of tied into off-topic comments. If we take a look at the development thread again, we’ll see quite a lot of speculation of non-confirmed features. I don’t want to point out anyone in specific, but here’s a comment I’ve seen quite a lot of in that thread:

“There are clouds in that picture, so are clouds coming with the 777 rework!?”

Leaving a message like that often is lead up to a a staff member/mods reply. I like this statement Tom made made here:

Questions require 1 correct answer, not 15 guesses

I’ve mainly been seeing this kind of behavior in the #support category. Let’s role-play here, you see a topic with a question you happen to know the answer to, but someone already replied with the answer. Would you reply again stating the same answer in different words, or just like the post. Well, the correct thing to do would be to like the post, showing that you support the question. If your are on the other end, about to ask a question, don’t forget that if you click on the little magnifying glass, you can search for a topic that might already have your answer. If there isn’t, and you make a topic, please give as much detail as you can, it’ll help us all. If the question is an #support one, remember to check out this topic before posting.

Violations and ghosts/reports

I understand that getting a violation or report could be frustrating, especially if you loose a grade, but you don’t need to let your anger out on the community. I’ve seen, and still see a lot of “Reported for no reason” topics. I’d say that a solid 90% of the time, you got reported for a reason. If you would like to talk to the person who gave you a violation/report, try this: check your logbook and try to find the controller/mod/staff member who reported you. Use the search tool (the little magnifying glass icon) to search up their name. If they have a display name of something like IFC - *Name*, that makes finding them 10 times easier. But please, don’t let your anger out on the community.

Duplicate Topics

Lastly, I’m going to talk about duplicate topics/posts. If you want to make a #features post about an aircraft, especially if it’s a well known one, there’s a big chance that there is already a feature request for that aircraft. Use the search function! Use that little magnifier glass, it’s there for a reason. If you do use it, and there’s no topic, feel free to make one. If there already is a feature request for something but it’s old, doesn’t have a lot of votes, or doesn’t have much detail, flag it for moderation and you can open a new one. Make sure your new one looks better and more convincing if you want it to stay open though.

By no means am I trying to say to stop posting, I’m trying to say make your posts better quality. If you genuinely have something useful to add to a topic, go ahead - add it. Let’s make the IFC a better place. Everything is useful… in it’s time.

Thank You & Stay Safe,
Infinite Flight Sims


Hey! Thanks so much for creating this topic! I’m sure a lot will learn from it.

Stay safe:)

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Additionally, there will be the “similar to” to the right of your topic draft. Great post and thanks for the reminders

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I will also chime in on this one.

Don’t reply if someone is already typing! We don’t need 3 people linking the same topic!! The other day I saw 3 people with the exact same replies with the same topics! If you know someone is already going to link the same topic or say the same thing, move along! They have it handled. There is no need to keep linking the same topics over and over. There just has to be 1 reply, point the OP in the right direction, and then move along.

Simple as that people.


I’m so glad you said something about this. I’ve seen way too many “I’ve been ghosted wrong” posts or #support topics with people either guessing the right answer for likes, or repeating an answer someone already saidthis drives me nuts. I really hope people take into account what you said and maybe just maybe these problems will decrease.


@Infinite_Flight_Sims. MaxSez: Wish I would’ve said that! Well research, written and to the point! The only thing missing was the term “Bloviater”, their the duty expert jotters who just sprew looking for a “Regular” commission believing it moves them up in the hierarchy of bloviation or King Rat! Or a voice from the depths of mom’s basement who want to bask in the glow with a one liner.

“Well Done” Mr. IF Sims, You deserve this BZ Hoist, Such Hutspa…



Thank You Very Much Max, I Appreciate It 👍


great topic overall, fully agree. This point specificly should be kept in mind more imo:

Way to often do I see tons of answers to something that has been answered long ago because many like playing a round of mini mod. Also once the thread has calmed down everyone loves to start preaching how we should calm down for an additional 50 messages. Its so annoying to me and this has happened to an insane amount on the well known B777 development thread as youve surely seen yourself.

Hope it somehow gets better, not sure how to improve it, if theres always new people not acknowledging this…


Thank you for this post. Hopefully the community keeps this in mind for a while.


We just need a refresher of this topic in that case @AExones

Thanks @Infinite_Flight_Sims. A very informative post!


Thanks for this @Infinite_Flight_Sims, hopefully it helps some of the “problems” happening currently.


Nicely done! Lets see more order round these parts people

Just kidding…lets not be that strict

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I really like your clean up/summary of the current Boeing 777 Development thread. If no new screenshot was shared through the Social Media and the Development Timeline, there is no point of just commenting in the thread, unless there is something interesting to discuss, that is of course not lead to a speculation.

I may also agree with the situation in the #support category. I could also mention that some users are replying fast so that they could get a solution first, ending up in not reading the topic in which the user had already tried a certain method. If you don’t know the solution to the problem a user has, leave it to the staff.


I find the “off topic” flag being used too widely. Preventing speculation on a development thread? Nothing wrong with that! It honestly prevents the free-flow of discussion when we get people flagging left and right.

On another note, I think it would be great if the OP could mark the solution in #support (which we already can) but the solution would get pinned to the top of the replies. This would make it easier for others to reference an answer rather than sifting through replies.

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All good points, thank you


As I said in the 777 development thread itself, I find the obsession with ‘decluttering’ completely pointless and tedious. What is wrong with allowing conversation to flow a little bit and for constructive conversations to form. It’s impossible to do so with endless ‘mini-mods’ poised to shoot you down as soon as you stray slightly from the straight and narrow. I personally find the endless ‘stop going off-topic’, ‘the mods will close this…’, ‘everyone stop asking this…’ comments are the ones ‘cluttering’ the thread- not the odd off topic comment.

People are allowed to have conversations, but if some users start completely chatting off topic on and on, yes that could affect the thread.

check out my part on speculation. The 20.1 tracking thread got closed once again, why? Speculation, misinformation, and off topic chat.

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I understand your opinion but my point of view is that the constant closures of topics and very strict policing of the forum is counterproductive to proper discussion, and I think the whole culture may be offputting to new or casual users. However, I can see how running the forum that way may be difficult.

There @HWY139. This is a issue which you may take up with @MishaCamp. Suggestions are always welcome 👍

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I think this needs to be bumped, many issues above are still going on :(