Everything I own is gone! (In IF)

So I’ve been playing infinite flight for a solid 3 years and over that time period I’ve been purchasing almost every aircraft and I’ve purchased all the regions. So recently my live subscription ran out and I was going to renew it and it said I needed to pay for live with the account I bought it with which makes sense since I used my dad’s apple account with his credit card. I logged into his and it still said I needed to sign into the account I used to buy the game which made no sense cuz that is the account I’ve pretty much bought everything on. I deleted the game and had to repay the $5 on BOTH apple ID’s and I tried restoring my purchases and nothing… I just wasted $10 and now I can’t restore any of my old aircrafts. HELP

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Did you purchase Live+ or did you purchase the planes and regions individually?

i pruchased everything individually, I always bought the 30 day membership

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i am trying to upload pictures of my live profile and the messahe it keeps giving me to use the apple id i used to buy if but they’re not uploading :(

Wait until it says 100% in the bottom right.

Have you got insurance? Can you live with a family member? What about your clothes, are they gone too?

Just kidding lol, try:

  1. Full restart of the app (swipe up in multitasking)
  2. Check your wifi connection, verify it is working with your device
  3. Reinstall

If not, contact Apple/Google/Amazon

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its frozen at 100%

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Have you asked your dad if he asked apple to remove the purchases?

Good point…so if i understand, you did buy all the planes over your dads account?
Please give me these information:
Ios or Android version

Everything was fine yesterday aka before I updated to Apple’s new update (iOS 9.3.1) and I have an iPhone 6s. This is so weird cuz I was practicing some landings in solo mode yesterday since I didn’t have live

Ok…now the game is freezing? Or does it just freeze when you try to restore?

everytime i press Restore Purchases nothing comes up and under the picture of the aircraft it says “In App Purchases Unavailable, Products data is being downloaded, try again in a bit” in all red caps

this just started happening it was not like this when i first tried restoring everything

yes it is freezing when i try and restore

Ok…for the purchases
Please check that IAP purchases are enebled in settings-general-restrictions
Secondly, just log in with the account you bought the planes and areas with…
But before you doing this:

  1. Make a full backup from your device via itunes
  2. After this, enter dfu mode
  3. Restore your phone via itunes
  4. DONT restore the backup yet, set it up as new device, download the game first, THAN log in with the account you bought the planes…hit restore purchases…
    Try to download the planes you bought, even when them shown orange…if it says download you are fine…
    If sucsess, restore your backup…
    Good luck

what if it doesn’t work? what then

Try first…than we will see…since you updated yesterday, it is possible that the update is causing the problem…did you check the settings?

i have no restrctions enabled, everything is automatically turned on

Well than…try the restore…if this doesn’t work…we try to figure something out…

after intense retracing my steps over the years i came to the conclusion that when i first got the game i had a different apple id then i do now so i pretty much just spent an hour restoring my phone for nothing! hahahah i feel so stupid all my planes and regions are back LOL see you on live!!!

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Well, another case solved ;)

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