Everything disappears except the cockpit

I was going FIMP-LFPG and all of a sudden everything but the actual cockpit disappeared I couldn’t get anything to work all I could do was run the camera up, down, left and right.

Operating software: iOS 11.1
Device: iPad Pro 12.9

I think you may have accidentally gone up to the HUD 2 Page when switching in between the maps, systems, and controls

No I didn’t because the throttle and bar at the bottom would’ve re-appeared as well as the side bar.

A screenshot would be really helpful here.
And i guess you’ve already restarted and all looks good now?

Yeah everything is ok now. One minute.

Are all your controls gone?

Yeah everything went


Do you recall anything special going on prior to this happening? Anything that might help us reproduce this issue would be helpful.

Can you try restarting your device? If might restart you flight too though.

No I was just going through 16,000ft into CDG from Port Louis.

Okay. That was the first thing that popped up in my head. Glad you could get it fixed though

THat has happened to me before, when I press on the lower right area of the screen next to the “hamburger”. Try clearing your RAM before every flight to help avoid this. 🐑

This has happened to never before. The best fix for now is to reinstall the app and to ensure you restart your device before a flight to keep the RAM fresh(even though you have an iPad Pro)

I’ve had this several times, only on the ground though. I think it has always happened when I go to press the Camera button (Press it and everything disappears. No way to get it back, you cant even exit from your flight because all controls and buttons are gone)

@Kiz They was about 30mins difference after I landed went off the app then did the return flight.

I have had this issue as well.
iPad Pro 12.9 iOS 11.2.5

The buttons all go and there is nothing to touch. This usually happens when the buttons are inactive or possibly when I change the camera angle. This commonly occurs on long haul flights

I have noticed a glitch like this too on android. You can be in any camera view, and all the controls dissapear. You can rotate the camera around with no issue, but there is no access to the HUD or any other controls. You have to force quit the all from the issue to resolve.
Wileyfox swift 2x, android 7.1.1

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Happens to me too.
iPad mini 2
iOS 11.0

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Yea this happened to me as well. Any camera angle. Sometimes it happens when I spawn in to an airport.

  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • IOS 11.2