Everyone's Favorite Camera Angle

Just wondering what everyone favorite camera angle for different things. Here are mine:
For taxing: Tail
For Takeoff: Underneath
For Cruise : Cockpit
For Landing : Cockpit

For taxiing: Tail, normal
For takeoff: Freecam, cockpit.
For cruise: All (Exept the freecam)
For landing: Cockpit, freecam and bottom.

Taxing:- Cockpit
Taking off: Left And Right Wings
Crusing Wings
Landing Wings, but i use cockpit cuz it is Harder

I never liked freeca it’s too fidgety

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HUD, HUD, HUD, HUD, HUD, and HUD. Did I mention the HUD?


Taxi: locked
Takeoff: cockpit
Cruise: all
Landing: cockpit


So what’s your Favorite?

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Mine is just cockpit cockpit cockpit cockpit


HUD HUD HUD, or the occasional super fast flipping through all when on final :)

Cockpit everything apart from cruise with the right wing

For taxiing: Left, freecam to explore the airport, tail
for takeoff: freecam by the wing for 787, tail
For cruise: normal, cockpit, wing
For landing: free at the runway, normal, wing

Pushback - A view near were the push track would be
Taxiing - Cockpit (no HUD)
Takeoff - Cockpit (no HUD)
Cruise - Anything
Landing - Cockpit (sometimes without HUD)
Parking - Cockpit (no HUD)

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Taxing : cockpit
Takeoff : cockpit
Climb : wing view
Cruise : cockpit
Descent: cockpit
Landing : hud view

Taxiing: Any Outside View
Taking off: HUD
Climbing: Any Outside View
Cruise: Any Outside View
Descent: HUD or Cockpit
Landing: HUD or Cockpit

All cockpit with some normal in cruise.

I usually fly in the cockpit unless it’s a 2D then I would use the HUD

hmm this has diversity doesn’t it.
Takeoff: HUD/Cockpit
Cruise: HUD/Cockpit

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Taxi: Normal, Cockpit
Takeoff: Wing, Cockpit
Ascent: Wing, Normal, Cockpit
Cruise: Wing, Normal, Cockpit, Scenic, Tail
Descent: Cockpit, Wing, Normal
Landing: Cockpit,
Parking: Normal

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Taxiing: Cockpit/Locked Camera
Takeoff: Cockpit
Cruise: Every camera angle except HUD camera
Landing: Cockpit

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