Everyone’s first flight in 21.1

I would love to go on an easyJet tour around Europe


COVID out here ruining things :(

Yeah westjet stopped operating it

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Will they start it again ?


Thank you!

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Well we hope this will get back to Normal soon in the Aviation World

I absolutely agree. I was due to go to Faro in 2020 and this corona hit we cancelled then

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Depends if the demand comes back it was only a seasonal route anyways.

You think travel will resume here (UK) this year

From where to faro?

Dublin EIDW on the Aer Lingus A330-300

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Maybe LAX → LHR

For me, probably SFO-LAX, with the UAL 757. SFO is looking beautiful this update. For long haul, probably RJTT-KSFO with the new ANA 77W. So happy RJTT got 3D buildings

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I made this exact same topic and got closed in like two minutes

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Wow nice beautiful livery

Thats a nice route

I think demand to the US will come back, but just depends on when boarders open back up

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Correct mate

Oh yes!!! You should join us :)
I’m on many VA’S but this is one of my favourite VA :)

Full list i mean