Everyone must do an ATC test

Well since I scout on the playground quite frequently I can tell you it’s a mixture of controllers not controlling their pattern correctly, and pilots not being able to follow instructions. I’d say it more lies with the controller though.

Obviously if you are learning you can’t be expected to know how to get everyone where they want to go, the pilots are the main problem as if you are controlling then you can’t clear the traffic waiting to take off as they don’t know how to line up and wait. I’m sure most people have enough skill to navigate themselves

And so why would you expect the controller to know what they are doing?

Because I think people know how to get planes to take off and know the base principles of one plane takes off and if one is landing then the other needs to hold short. This is from my experience as ATC doing the tower never really make huge mistakes I follow their instructions but I also take my own precautions in case of mistakes.them making mistakes will not effect me as I can just use common sense and navigate myself which I always do anyway unless in advanced and take off and land if it’s safe to, if however I am controlling which I love to do I will always end up with people that don’t know what to do when I give the, the command line up and wait and so they just hold short this is very frustrating as it slows down your work in attempt to get all the planes in the air as quick as possible.

There is just a little more to it then giving takeoff and land clearances. If it was as easy to control as you say it is everyone would be an IFATC.


If you think you’ve got what it takes let’s put you to the test.


Don’t be so hard on him lol. Why you calling him out like that lol

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Well he does think ATC is only about taking off and landing clearances… And perhaps for him, GND is too easy? I think the hard part is Tower and the sequencing area — you’ve to give the right commands and focus on those on pattern…

You’d be surprised. Coming from an advanced controller, ground gets very very very busy quickly at big airports and it becomes hard when you are tower and ground to keep everything in check

Well I’ve done GND on PG at WSSS and I did experience some really busy traffic… And for those people who always spawn at the default gate, they get the “Hold position” instruction hahaha everybody just tryna be the first but nah 😂


Spread that fairness around

Fairness? Huh?

I’m talking about when planes try and spawn close to the runway threshold to cut off a long line of people. Isn’t that what you’re indicating?

No… You got it wrong haha… You know the default gate on WSSS near 02C? People don’t spawn there deliberately… I believe they’re just lazy… Hahaha

This is an example of a B744 and B748 spawning together 😂

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The problem is that new controllers jump into high traffic areas (mostly) socal and have to deal with an over abundance of new,unruly and impatient pilots. SoCal is a problem area on the playground, we all know that, so I strongly encourage anyone who wants to control to move to a less populated region which is very easy to do.

People who lag crazily will move to less populated regions automatically

If you get what I mean 😂

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And if you read my replies then it would be clear that I’m referring to controlling on playground in which most people controlling tend to do the basics when in tower and ground, I’m not talking about advanced as obviously it goes way further then that.

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Yes just an easy little test

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