Everyone must do an ATC test

Bcoz mods must do that, I also can do that but I am sure I am not allowed

But like what to do if someone ask RV
And what to do if someone says he is on left downwind

Everyone should know what RV are and what to do

Okay that TWR question is maybe not needed, but the different between option- and landing clearence?

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Ppl should read tutorials bevore they control, I think the most don’t do that:(


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This test should be completed for the pilots as well as what’s the point if they don’t know how to follow the instructions, the controllers do need training or need to follow the tutorial as you and others have experienced problems so I can see why you say that but the grade 1 pilots aren’t going to know what any thing means!, they don’t know what line up and wait means 😂

Totaly agree, Yes Some ppl don’t know what line up and wait means. But it is an impossible job to let all pilots do a test (I think)

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Yes this is the only one thing that annoys me about playground not the immature pilots who taxi through you and mess around, but the pilots who don’t know what to do when you say line up and wait while controlling.

Yes problems that never Will solved(I am afraid)

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This is so needed! I have Grade 1s coming in and asking for takeoff from 02C when the runway they are at is 20C! Ugh nimrods!

come and join the advance ATC. its much more realistic. I never fly on he playground server because of that very reason.

No thanks, fail it thrice means no more tests for me so I’d rather leave it be.

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get in contact with recruiter and listen to what he/she says. if you listen hen you will surely pass in a matter of time. ATC Training Team

My recruiter has never told me anything other than “Good luck”.

I have a suggestion, it involves going back alittle into the previous version of IF.

Im not sure if grade restriction exists now or not though, i started off during the time when standing was in use.

So i was required to have certain standings to fly in bigger airports, this includes being an atc. If not the place i was allowed was approach.

So if the restrictions are set on grades it might help with the restrictions.

Like you need to be grade 3 to control airports of bigger and busier airspace. Below grade 3, you are allowed to fly in those airports. This way they will learn from the atc if they are really interested.

But they can of course grind grades and get into atc without knowing shit, thats the only thing we cant stop.

Else here is a second idea. You know if you press fly while you are in tower and someone just joined in soon before you, you would be put in the obs. Seat of the tower?

Perhaps IF could make that an option!! Like if they joined the atc, a msg would appear saying “insufficient atc experience, you will only be observing another player as a way to gain experience”

So they probably need to observe like 50 manned towers to get that experience. We cant be sure if the manned towers are experience people but im sure there are capable atcs among that amount.

I easily meet 5 to 6 capable atcs on pg who know what they are doing. And i love flying with them.

Its like a pg atc requirements of certain operations to qualify for ifatc.

Just a couple of 2 cents.


We need a test… for pilots especially

I had this guy:

Grade 3 and he doesn’t know how to takeoff properly and he taxiied through grass and all

Ironic callsign and livery, too!


He wouldn’t have because he’s just a recruiter he’s meant to give you the tests and then say good luck. It’s better to say that the bad luck.

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Not in The UK ;)

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