Everyone must do an ATC test

Maybe it is a good idea to give everyone an ATC test how wants to be an ATC for ATC playground an easy test and fit advance server an difficult test.
Then there are always good ATC’s


Well, “everyone” would be a lot of people, at least 20,000 probably. Everyone can control on playground server, and only people that take pass the tests the advanced server recruitment team provides are allowed to control on the advanced server, which is handled on a case-by-case basis.


Hello Everyone.

Are you sick about nimrods on PG, and are you sick about if you control and they don’t listen?

I have an idea about controlling in IF.

I think that every controller must pass a small test, but how ppl must learn for the test😱 By observing! and they need help from a personal trainer.
The PG will still excist only then with ATCs they know a bit what they do

ask questions if you have!

Thanks Dylan

No this is not good some people don’t like flying so they be a ATC instead so just remember if live is not free.

Still free flight server
And everyone can easily do the test

PG is for nimrods yes but it’s also a place for people to realize their potential as ATC before applying to become a part of IFATC


Then I change it a bit, PG will still exist, only they have to do a small test

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Yes I’m all for it!

What we need is a report button against ATCs too!

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Observing, and more scouts to contact

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It wil work with no practicing in the begin, on vatsim the ATCs only observing and someone that helps, and after they know a bit they are going to practice @Huw

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Same as I said above you will practice if you know a bit, if you are taking driving lesson you also don’t go direct on the street right? You first do theory

Initially I was sick and tired of people typing


But now I understand their pain… PG is like a training ground for ATCs and also for pilots to perhaps familiarize themselves with the 250 below 10,000 rule and also the 35GS taxi speed limit (which all do not exist in FFS)

I’d say we should only take action against ATCs who deliberately cause trouble… As for those who are really ignorant, they must watch all the ATC commands tutorials first…

It is simple! First theory then practice! PG is a training server right? So everyone that control want to be an ADV controller later, so they all must do theory and then practice

I get what you mean but I don’t see myself doing all sort of weird things when I first started touching PG ATC… Well a theory test sounds great… Perhaps we could have a little rating system for PG ATCs while we’re at it?

It is simple the controllers on PG should train to be an IFATC not just for lol!
So the must do a theory test

This is the biggest fault of the PG! PPL think that PG is for controlling for fun, but it is for training for the IFATC test you guys should know that if only ppl control that train to be and IFATC there will be only serieus controllers and most ppl follow serieus controllers

Somehow it was named ATC Playground

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