Everyone, let's do a group flight on live!

I would like to get as many of the Community members to come and join me on TS1 as we fly from KSAN to KNUC
The flight plan will be 27@ KSAN to JETTI to SHOTS to runway 24@ KNUC
When: right now!
Why: I and probaly most of you want to have a ginormous group flight with the rest of the community!
What aircraft: ANY!

Please don’t start arguing that this is a useless topic, it is just to have a little bit of fun with the rest of the community members on live

GATES: choose your favourite gate, if not, choose a random one 😉


Sorry mate, but most of the Community Members never fly on TS1, let alone SoCal
Try Expert!


I’ve sworn an oath never to be caught dead in SoCal in TS1!


Damn, I am only grade 2! Still, you can still join if you want to.


How can I get to grade 3 quickly, I’m only on 11000 xp

Do Tight Patterns and Touch&Go for several times 😉


Do this with a Cessna. You can do more in a short amount of time

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Really? That’s my favorite thing to do.


*to watch


Just did that, only earned 400xp

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Ditch the idea, I gotta go to school. 😒

Understandable for only 5 minutes. Try more like an hour, and then you will start to rake.


I earned 1, 200 in one go


WOW! wait to be kind

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Hey, I will join u Saturday at MKE time 1300 casual server so anyone can join. @ElpoDaKing

All are welcome!

thanks, I will most likely add a post for this thanks

MKE time? What is that

oh no, i was too late :(
oh well…hope it was a gr8 flight :)

Go on casual server, and do figure of 8 touch and goes (in the shape of the IF logo). Make sure no one else is there tho!

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Get on the casual server, find a airport with high winds. Normally if you can do good crosswind landings, you’ll get quite a bit of XP compared to if the winds were calm.

Also it’ll be good if you can find somewhere with runways in a “x” shape. Just take off on one, circle around and land on the other, eventually making a figure 8 shape.