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I’d argue that many times IF has more traffic than real ATC (not saying real ATC isnt 1000000x more stressful obviously). But many times ATC on IF gets more traffic than what the airport will receive.

There are times where an airport in IF will get 50+ inbound within a 2-hour span, while the real will get like 10 aircraft


Yes I know that, it occurs that in FNF.

That’s false, airports like JFK, EGLL and LAX have a nonstop flow of traffic.

I’m just saying while the airport is a featured location for the day or an event (like FNF). IF gets more hourly traffic at EGLL when it is a featured airport than the real-life airport, that is why in IF controllers are encouraged to use both runways for arrivals and departures, unlike the real-world normal procedure. This is the case at many of the featured airports.

If you were to have EGLL (or another major airport) open for a week straight I’d bet it would get more aircraft arriving at it on IF than real-world for that same week.

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This is a planned closing. Once approach leaves with heavy traffic, I can bet that almost every Tower Controller cannot control that much aircrafts at once with so many inbounds coming in from different locations. What tower is simply doing is letting the traffic die down to were the airspace is controllable. This is used when approach isn’t active. Its to let the traffic handle itself and die down,

It was moreso that the tower just left, without warning. Usually they warn planes but they were giving commands and then bam closed. Bc of all of this I ended up being “reported” by users due to all these planes speeding up and landing with me when I was lined up for approach already so thanks to them I’m now downgraded for a week

Pilots who are Grade 3 know how to behave Grade 3 hence why they have access to Expert. It shouldn’t be chaos, meant to be calm and controlled. If it were to be Chaos, Pilots would be all over the place and a bit like Causal server. I call it Controlled Chaos :) IFATC are all volunteers and so sometimes there will be no ATC but we don’t get upset about it and we are to be thankful that there are such features in game and members willing to take their time up and help others in their passion.

Users cannot report you, only ATC. Check your logbook anc contact who reported you if you’d like to appeal.

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For extra help on what @DiamondGaming4 said, look here: A guide to appealing ghosts

There was no active ATC. Alert came up that said you’ve been reported by users and violations have been added. So now I have 3. Been a grade 3, almost grade 4 for years now, never thought that report button worked either. Not my first rodeo haha

The report button doesn’t work. It may have been a moderator on the ground. Your logbook should say who it was.

My replay shows it’s in Unicom and “multiple users”

Yeah, that happens when you’re reported by a mod. It just shows up as “multiple users.” Like I said, your logbook will tell you who it was.

So there’s people who aren’t active ATC and can report you. Didn’t know that

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All developers and admins (correct me if I’m wrong) can ghost/report while being pilots, yes. Please check your logbook to see who did it as it says above

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Yes. IFATC Supervisors, moderators, and staff can ghost you.

I see now. Have to search for the mighty taco

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Which doesn’t seem to appear on searches

You will not find the mighty taco. It will find you


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