Everyone else is making one?

Hi guys 👋

Just got back from my ban (cringe), during that time I went to LAS and practiced some new angles/techniques. All shot from the cargo area, a place I’ve never shot before.

Southwest throwing the TO/GA.

Raiders livery, anyone?

The amazing 757!

Jeff and Don (or so I think)

Lastly, a Spirit A320.

Let me know what you thought, have a great rest of your day :)

Oh yeah I forgot, on Friday I’m going to do a photoshoot on the Nellis flight line with the F-16s and Blackhawks (through CAP), and if they allow me to take/share my pictures you can look forward to a topic 😁


banana plane


I guess the ancient ritual is to make a spotting topic after you get unbanned

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I mean I didn’t. I just said a snarky comment.

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