Everyday I get a little more excited.

Please don’t ready this as pressure on the developers or anything, I just think this is one of those relatable posts.

Everyday I go to my App Store and check for updates and my anticipation spikes with the thought of a Infinite Flight update sneaking in there. As it thinks and the list of new updates come in I scroll through quickly looking for the beauty of the IF logo lighting up with a “Update” button beside it.

It hasn’t happened. So then I rush over to the Community forum buzzing through the feed looking for the “Update Release” topic.

It hasn’t happened. Though this has been the case since they started showing th exciting updates on the CRJ family, it only builds the anticipation and excitement more!

[spoiler]this is not a place to ask when the update will release so please don’t ask[/spoiler] 

Who is excited? Who lives as I do, in daily anticipation of the new IF release!? What are you excited for?

Faithful Flyer,


I do the exact same mate! (Check the App Store)
This update is very exciting, with the CRJ’s. I think it’s especially good for me as the CRJ is my favourite and I just can’t wait to use it in IF.


I love flying the currentl CRJ. I can’t wait to fly the new ones! I particularly love the difficulty of the CRJ. :-).


I don’t check the App Store, but I do have the CRJ tracking thread on Watching, and is the first thing I look for! Can’t wait for it to come out!


I can’t wait for ATIS. That’s all I really care about.


OMG you “literally” spoke my mind :P

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Yes I do the things that you have talked about. But I’ll know when the updates out cause my feed will blow up.

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I don’t do this. If the update were close, there’d be a lot more hype in the IFC and an announcement, as well as a high chance of Android getting the update first.

It’s not going to be like “oh, I checked the App Store and found that the CRJ is out!”. That’s never happened, and never will.


I don’t check the App Store. I check #announcements and wait for something… for 24 hours… straight… 😑

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A lot of the shorter routes I fly in IF are flown by CRJs in real life, so I’m looking forward to it. But ATIS is what I really want.

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I’m aware of what will actually happen, they will announce it in the community and it will likely be 2-3 days until it’s released on the App Store.

What I’m talking about is my unrealistic excitement that it will just appear in my update as a surprise.

This is the real fun.

Yes, my optimism gets me in a lot of disappointment but it’s a heck of a way to live.



Yah I just flew in one so I want to re make my flight


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