Everybody on same route YYZ-ADD

Looks like everybody got the memo

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Yup we did, a lot of people flying to Rome too!

A schedule a day, keeps the untidy routes away!


That’s really cool! Everything looks very organised hopefully 20.1 it will be even more organised due to instruments procedures.

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I’m flying KMSP-HAAB with @Tobyc and @Delta23 , how’s the North Atlantic Tailwinds?

There is only one NAT track each way atm
Are these all actually going to same destination though?

I’m flying KORD - HAAB, the turbulence is quite bad for me.


Currently en route from KDEN-ABB, I checked the upper level winds. It looks like a lot of crosswinds mixed with tailwinds for the nighttime hours. So far headwinds don’t look to be a problem!

We have a 46kts crosswind To the right at FL350.

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