Every update 1 special livery

Hello everyone!
Before i start this topic i want to say that i have a lot of respect for FDS, i absoluteley love the work that they do with these Beautiful updates…

But i have a idea, if every infinite flight update 1 special livery/retro livery/… Gets added to the sim, because you see so mutch livery requests like: quantas 737 retro livery or Lufthansa a320 retro liver… (No offense to the livery’s)
But its just a idea that i had…
What is your opinion About this?


Sounds awesome! :)

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I actually wonder how many of these livery request we have on the forum… :)

Please please. This would be a nice policy.


Its just hard because I believe there are some copyright things they need to deal with. Thats why the R2D2 livery wasn’t put on I believe due to Copyright from ANA and Star Wars. Just saying


As much as a special livery every update would be cool, there would be issues (copyright) like @tacobell1015 said. The R2D2 livery would be amazing, but they would have to get approved by Star Wars and All Nippon.


I dont think by All Nippon… Right? Because they have there livery already in the sim

I believe so, but ANA and Star Wars partnered up to create the 3-4 liveries on the aircraft

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Ah, ok… Now i get it

I dont think it would be a problem for retro livery’s because they are from the airline itself

love this idea

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Yeah. Some liveries (like retros) don’t need approval. If the livery is sponsored by something (like R2D2, Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Livery) would need it since it’s copyrighted

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Ye… We should be able to kast a while with the retro livery’s because there are so much of them👍

Speaking About special livery’s…

What an absolute beauty!
See, anniversary livery’s won’t be a problem
Good one! @Boeing707


Nice feature, I wanted to request the same. As I know it’s very hard to make special liveries, but i think one spec livery per update sounds awesome and not hard as adding 20 spec liveries

Good idea mate

So you mean special livery ?
Where is the Flying Dev Studio 2016 livery? ;)

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