Every time I fly to Dubai the screen becomes black

This happened to me two times at the same spot I was descending to OMDB my screen became black out of no we’re

I suggest you clear RAM or Memory.

If that doesn’t help, try this.

  1. Uninstall and Reinstall IF
  2. Restart your device
  3. Clear your Storage of unwanted files.

Please give more information. What device? Try restarting you device and/or reinstalling IF

Okey am going to but it happened to me at the same place

I linked a topic above with a topic that describes your problem.

Hi All - I am experiencing the same issue.
When I am about 10nm outside of Dubai the scenery goes black.
This has occurred on two occasions.
I am running on an IPad 2 with current updates.
Have restarted and reinstalled app and this has occurred again.

@Steven_Richardson do you mean the Air 2 iPad?

@RF_gaming If you are experiencing the black floor issue this is likely from backing in and out of the app or pausing the session too many times as this interferes with terrain rendering. Make sure you restart your device before long flights, close all background apps and do not back out of the app once you launch it.

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I’ve had this issue once, KDFW-VHHH, it would stay black regardless of time and cockpit view had the cockpit a ghostly white. Then I had a black floor issue on my next flight. A simple reinstall has seemed to fix this issue for me, and flying on WiFi instead of LTE

Yea you right I did the same thing

You did what? Please clarify 😉

Thanks Chris - Yes Air 2 IPad

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I too had an Air 2 and found crowded airspace unbearable. Try lowering your graphics settings to medium and switch your aircraft count to low. However if you experiencing the black floor issue that is likely due to terrain loading errors. The Infinite Flight has been trying to replicate the black floor issue but it is very hard to replicate.

Again I hate to reiterate but backing out of the app (going on social media, answering texts and running other apps) or pausing the session and leaving for periods of time while conducting a flight causes performance issues.

Thanks Chris - Ill give it a go!!
Maybe I should just get a new IPad :)

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In Dubai I think thre are a few more lags due to the sceanery? I have flown their 4 times on IF,once it blacked out as descirbed here and on other threads, two other times it was very laggy and the forth time it was ok (that was after a short flight of only 3hrs). Pror every flight clear the memory etc and seems to occure after a flight of about 6-8hrs, though only once before had a simular issue when flying into YSSY.

Dubai has some sort of bug I don’t know why but it only happens to met at Dubai.