Every. Single. Route. (72 Routes Completed!)

Hello IFC! I am a very frequent flier for BAVA, and have recently decided to embark on the mission of flying every single BA route that BAVA offers. Here are the specifics:

I am not flying:

  • Codeshares that BAVA may have
  • Both ways, e.g. I will only be flying EGLL-KSJC, not KSJC-EGLL
  • To a British airport, all flights will depart from a British airport

I am flying:

  • All BAVA routes out of British airports that meet the specifics above
  • This DOES include BAVA Subsidiaries like Comair, BACityflyer and OpenSkies
  • At minimum, at a frequency of every other day
  • For long hauls, since I live in the Eastern US, late at night for you Europeans and early in the morning for those who live in Asia and Australia

So far, I have flown 68 of the total 309 routes.

I am currently focusing on the massive 161 flights out of EGLL, and I will be completing these first.

You may ask, what’s the purpose of this thread? Well, whenever I will be planning a new flight, I will announce here, and anyone is welcome to join, considering they are Rank 3, because I always fly on ES. I will be updating the above numbers when applicable, so everyone can track my progress. If you want to request that I fly a specific route, let me know below and I’ll let you know if it’s one I haven’t flown yet! My callsign for these flights will always be BAVA270 (Heavy/Super).

People who have joined me:






ESTIMATED FLIGHT TIME (hours.minutes): 10.40

CURRENT FLIGHT TRACKER: If there is a LiveFlight link below, I am in the air and you are welcome to track me.


All I can say is, Cool!

Good luck! BA has a lot of routes!

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YAY! You mentioned KSJC! :D

Have fun with your routes and make sure to land Runway 30L/12R at KSJC when you fly into the airport.


I’ll let you know when I plan to fly it! It will be relatively soon, as I am trying to finish off North American long hauls!

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What a great Idea! Love the enthusiasm trying to fly all our routes! We’ll see if we can make your final flight a big one, and get some of our other members involved! Can’t wait to hear about your progress!



Flight to Almeria departs in an hour!

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Wierd flex but okay


This is very cool. It’s almost like doing your very own career mode but you don’t follow the pilot ranking/seniority hierarchy.

I am doing something similar (almost). Instead of British Airways, I’m using Delta Air Lines (I’m not part of the VA though). Basically, I start as a CRJ-200 pilot at a certain DAL hub and do realistic routes from said hub; these routes are usually randomized for me.

I keep a log of all the flights, routes, and flight times. I’ve started since August 2018 and have slowly been building my hours. I am still very far away from getting to the CR7/9/E175 type rating but I am getting there!

Flight Log

It’s a lot of fun to do this. Brings a whole different aspect to flying in Infinite Flight. Plus, you get to visit new destinations as everything is randomized (type rating dependent, of course). PM me if you want to learn more about this and get a link to the doc!

I was actually thinking of starting a British Airways career mode as well since we have a pretty large fleet of them in Infinite Flight. Just have to get the document ready.

Thanks for sharing and good luck with your journeys! :)


That’s a cool idea I might try something but with a smaller airline

Good luck! I might join you for one of the routes as I’m part of BAVA as well 😉

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Wow! Your journey is definitely a lot more structured than mine, as I am picking routes mostly based on region and flying them for hours in my VA. I think it’s really cool that you’re simulating an actual career at Delta. I am seeking to visit the wide variety of destinations that BAVA has to offer. So, I would say that mine is less of a career mode vs. a structured exploration of the world.

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That’s still good nonetheless. Allows you to explore the unchartered territories of the world. I like doing non-cliché flights often to change things up. Seeing new airports and scenery is a lot of fun. This career mode enables me to do all of this! :)

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This is an awesome idea! Wish you luck!

Flight to LEAM departing now!

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, my next flight to EKBI (Billund) will now be departing at 2000z.

Departing to EKBI in 15 min!

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How long of a flight is it?






ESTIMATED FLIGHT TIME (hours.minutes): 01.10

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Oh sorry duh… just found that at the top. I’ll be right there