Every Review Counts!


Yes folks, drop a nice review. Bad reviews aren’t good for apps. I dropped a new review a few days ago on the app store. If everyone could do it, we’d break the system.

😱 KC10 Stunning…


Let me finish this 16 hour flight from Doha to Miami and then I will give you guys a hard earned 5 star review, seriously the ammount of work put in by this great development team is extraordinary! I will continue to support you guys the entire way, thank you for the best flight simulator in the Mobile Market!


16 hours?! jesus christ good luck man I don’t know how far you are in, but that’s pretty impressive


I love this update but I have two pieces of feedback: When you’re on final approach to Paro you spawn right in front of a mountain, facing straight, but in real life, you are actually turning to the left. I also want to be able to spawn anywhere at any altitude just like in Aerofly FS :)


That will be awesome if the next update that all aircrafts light and airports like BRIGHTER!
Then that will be much easier for us landing during the night!
I mean… I just wish… :)


The app must be 1st for god sake come on people lets vote its amazing a f*****g loveeee IF and all devs they are the best :D

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Awesome update! The moment I spawned in I became amazed with the rendering, the new terrain and the ability to fly anywhere in the palm of my hands. Definitely loving every bit of global, everything is my favorite. Leaving my 5 star review. Great job guys :)


I’m going in and giving a five star review right now! Incredible job. Everything is so great, wth top notch physics and beautiful terrain and graphics, it can’t get any better.


We appreciate the love and feedback! Please avoid feature requests in this thread. We have a wonderfully organized #features topic and encourage you all to use your votes.

Feature requests will be flagged as off-topic. Thank you all.


If only everyone on the forum could leave us a nice review/rating, it would make our team super happy and help us secure the future development of Infinite Flight :)


Is there no way you can add this update to the Amazon AppStore? I’ve got a
live account being wasted because it’s unusable because of this update!
When I click ‘fly online’ it says ‘connecting’ for exactly half an hour.
And when it does connect it states that there are no flights, and my
78000xp comes up as “0” so please, please find a way to bring this amazing
update to Amazon as I would love to rate it and enjoy infinite flight to
the max, with all the great scenery and the features.


But I was unable to fly international flight and it’s forcing me to
purchase a pro mode , the update decreased my option and forcing me to add
another money that’s totally unfair


My favorite part of the sim is not only one part, but EVERYTHING. The scenery, the rendering, and anything else. Why would I ever hate only one part of such a marvel in app development technology? Chances are, that will never happen.

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We appreciate your feedback, however customers without an Infinite Flight Pro subscription still have the ability to utilize the same regions previously offered. There has been no changes to your experience as a non-subscriber other than better scenery, atmospherics, and other great features that were highly demanded. Thanks!


This app and the work FDS does, only gets better and better!!

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What a nice update… still a loooot of lags… I am sad that there are no buildings at the airports. A plesure for me to have this game.


Why not vote for it in the #features section? You’re not the only one who wants buildings.

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I had a android it was a couple of days late but I don’t care I love this
new update we have all waited so long and now we can become proper INFINITE
FLIGHT pilots

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Review Sent - 5 stars of course. I never though it was possible to accomplish things such as this on mobile until now. Cannot thank everyone enough.


I gave a Good Constructive Review, 5 star rating, I added a lot about The Amazing Grapics and Everything about global!

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