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I am currently flying Frankfurt to Madrid and I’m blown away by the look of the scenery and the alps. I think the realism in IF is just lagom (which is Swedish for not to much, not to little). 5 star rating incoming!


Considering that it is a mobile flight simulator, it is gorgeous! The terrain looks beautiful especially when flying over tall mountains. Aircraft look great, too. Love those reflections on the livery. What I am not sure I like is moving around an airport during the night, because I can barely see anything! I think we should have some lights scattered around some bigger airports.


I love flying in it, can you fly to space on it?


I love this game and my favorite part is flying otu of an airport near my house and being able to fly over my house but what I don’t like is that when I do a long flight the game will crash like I was doing a flight from japan to LAX and the game just crashed about half way into my flight


Ok but Mach 1 doesn’t change base on winds. You can be at Mach 1 but GS is 200kts. Restrictions should be based on GS. Not Mach


It’s based on real life aircraft limitations. Know when you’re wrong and when it’s time to accept it.


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