Every Review Counts!


I already put my report in the support sorry I’m new to this


That first pic reminds me so much of the first Live loading screen.


I think what he meant by “here” was on the IFC forum. Not necessarily in this thread ;)


Why is the app crashing? So disappointing when it crashes after hours flights. Like yesterday just when i was about to land in Dubai from JFK the app restarted 20 min to landing so annoying however please y’all should check it out coz i know it ain’t from my phone my 7+ has a good memory and processor


Create a support topic about it if you have no luck in fixing your issue.


See this:


Ok, here is what I’m upset and frustrated about. Your stupid speed restriction above 10000 MSL. there should be none or allow it to go to Mach 1. In the real aviation world it’s Mach 1!!!


Then why don’t you create a feature request…

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It’s not a feature it’s something they need to fix and this is review so I’m giving my criticism.

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There is a reason why those are in place

If you would like to continue so we do not go off topic more please send me a PM and I will elaborate further. :)

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The reviews aren’t meant to be here - they’re meant to be on the AppStore! And it’s not a mistake, so make a feature request if you want it removed. Take it to PM please.
Back on topic…


Anyways… I realized my favorite part of global just now, the jet streams! They can shave hours apron hours from your journey even saving fuel too! Everyday I find more to love in this update!


I know! I got 170kt tailwinds while over Atlanta which pushed me over 650kts.


And then there’s me, stuck with 100 knot headwinds…
At least it’s realistic!


Let me tell tell you what I don’t like is the fact that my device cannot support the new update anymore and I know some others have had this problem too, and there is no other simulator on mobile devices like this so I am very dissapointed. :/

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That is simply not true. In the real world, if a commercial aircraft (one that is in IF) reached Mach 1 it would potentially break up, or likely be damaged and highly stressed. The speed limit above 10,000MSL is quite realistic as they have a similar system in place IRL


I am currently flying Frankfurt to Madrid and I’m blown away by the look of the scenery and the alps. I think the realism in IF is just lagom (which is Swedish for not to much, not to little). 5 star rating incoming!


Considering that it is a mobile flight simulator, it is gorgeous! The terrain looks beautiful especially when flying over tall mountains. Aircraft look great, too. Love those reflections on the livery. What I am not sure I like is moving around an airport during the night, because I can barely see anything! I think we should have some lights scattered around some bigger airports.


I love flying in it, can you fly to space on it?


I love this game and my favorite part is flying otu of an airport near my house and being able to fly over my house but what I don’t like is that when I do a long flight the game will crash like I was doing a flight from japan to LAX and the game just crashed about half way into my flight