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It has been our great honor and pleasure to bring you all our latest update of Infinite Flight. Many hours were spent making dreams a reality so that popular feature requests could be brought to life! We can’t thank you enough for your support.

App Store Reviews

Flying Development Studios relies heavily on your feedback and app reviews to continue reaching new customers and developing. We ask that you please head over to your iOS App Store or the Google PlayStore and leave a quick review. Let’s spread the word and tell the Infinite Flight Story!

The Update

We’ve talked a lot about this unprecedented update but we believe showing you will speak louder than words!

Luke Kelly
PC: @Luke_Kelly

Cameron Brown
PC: @Cameron_Brown

PC: @Daniel_K

Jake Abel
PC: Jake Abel

PC: @MishaCamp

What’s Next?

Over the coming days and weeks we will be hard at work to address feedback, bugs, and performance issues, both major and minor. Our goal is to continuously improve your Infinite Flight experience. While squashing bugs we will also continue to work on this familiar aircraft (MD11/DC10/KC10) as it enters the final stages of flight testing before landing in your app!

Your Thoughts

Tell us below what your favorite part of this Infinite Flight update was!


I will happily review the app on Google Play:-) I have absolutely no regrets. No Issues, even on a cheap budget tablet! My favorite part is being able to fly around my area and see familiar landmarks.


I absolutely love the aircraft rendering!


This is exactly why IF deserves the 5 stars! I’ve never seen a group of developers so dedicated to their app’s community.


Thank you so much for the hard work! I hope that the performance issues can be corrected as quickly as possible.


Already gave 5-stars when I downloaded the update. This update is top notch.


Thanks a lot FDS! The 5-Star rating is all yours!


of all the games and simulators that i have tried, infinite flight definitely has the most wonderful dev team
no word can describe the gratitude and appreciation that have for the developers


I’ll give a review on Playstore. The latest update is just amazing! People should try it. Besides that, I’ll try my best to promote Infinite Flight to my friends in school 😉


Infinite Flight is, in my opinion, greater than it ever has been. And the hard work you guys have put into an app for our entertainment is incredible. Global is wonderful and for that you deserve an 11 out of 10. Thank you FDS!


Guys. Infinite Flight was in 49th place. Its rising to the leaderboard!


Thank you so much FDS! Gave it a 5 star.
What my favourite part of this update is probably to be able to fly everywhere! Also if not that then the Atmospheric rendering.


Seeing the development of IF over the years, this update is unbelievable. The anticipation was similar to the rollout of live a couple of years back, and the actual update was even better! Did my first flight Oakland to Reno, C208, and everything looked spectacular! Atmosphere effects and the sun are absolutely stunning! Great job to all the Devs! Looking forward to more great work in the future!


Particle Scattering, Atmospheric Rendering and ability to fly anywhere in the world in HD scenery is my favourite part of this update!


Agreed. Over the years, IF has developed so much. It started as a simulator with poor graphics, really poor planes, flight models and the space shuttle :). I remember when the A380 and 737 were the best planes out there graphics wise. Now, it’s a fully fledged mobile simulator and whilst it is still not perfect, it has improved so much. With ground textures that blow my mind and incredibly detailed planes (now we just need working instruments!), I feel that IF will only get better and it deserves all the praise it gets.

What wasn’t my favorite part

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Despite the fact that I cannot afford the pro version,
I really like the new scenery and the new liveries, especially the KLM Orange Pride !
I would really like to fly from LGAV to anywhere in the world if I had global.
Anyways, the game is just amazing, thanks for your hard work FDS !

I can’t wait for the next aircraft

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Nice Job I Know you will do well, I have no idea if that’s a DC-10 or MD-11 Please don’t crucify me about it, Either way it looks Great. Also if you do know can you tell me how I can tell the difference :p


Atc during flight can switch to airport Unicom around to easy