Every Picture Has A Story

Iberia CRJX

I messed up. I broke another nose gear, a wing, and maybe my sanity.

@AvioesEJogos I know you approve!


Happens to the best of us 😅 !

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Have you ever had any to begin with?

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Of course I have! Just that landing did some damage and the Ryanair landing.

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Calibration killed me


I highly doubt it, but ok.

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At least I get out and explore the world.

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But you don’t explore the fleet.

Lies, of course I explore the fleet!

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Fine, when was the last time you flew the VARIGLOG MD-11F?

Just now actually!

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The story of this photo is… skill issue

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Just because I said so…

“oh my god! is the aircraft okay?!” ~the airline probably

Imagine if Swiss make another video, called you land hard,i pay. Poor Swiss… Jesus Christ