Every other flight app crashes


Recently I’ve been doing a lot of flying, and on landing and/or approach, my device almost always crashes… once the other day as well in the lineup for takeoff. I restart my device before my flights, clear all my apps, fly at 30 fps and for most of the flight fly on low graphics, not sure what else I can do. Should I update my device to the latest operating system? Is my iPad just worn out and can’t handle being around other aircraft, or is it an app issue? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

Device: IPad 9th gen
Operating system: iPad os 16.6

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It seems that you have a pretty good regimen with restarting and clearing background apps. How is your storage? You’ll need to keep some space free for streaming terrain and the airport scenery. Regarding your OS, I think the OS17 builds are safe to update. I would double check your storage and update your OS. Worse case scenario, you could backup your replay files and try a fresh install of Infinite Flight just to rule out certain aircraft files being corrupt.


One of my devices is the same as yours.
On mine, everything except fps is set to high.
So far, I haven’t had any issues.
It is running iPadOS 17.4.1 though.

The amount of storage that @Levet mentioned is the only thing I can think of as well.
If that’s not the issue, the fresh install he mentioned might be the way to go.


Yep I was gonna download the new iOS last night but I decided to do an overnight flight instead 🤪- so far no issues with the flight, but I’ll download the update at some point today


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