Every Flight From San Diego Flight 16

This is organized By @Rolls

All the photos where taken going from KSAN to CYYC

It was pretty direct to CYYC we climbed to FL360 we took off on runway 27 and landed on runway 17l

Preparing for taxi and take off

@Rolls lined up for take off

@Rolls rotating

@Stick_theLanding or me rotating

And las but not least @Cpt_Joshua rotating

@Stick_theLanding bringing the gear up

Nice view over the California Desert

buy sun see you tomorrow

@Rolls makes a butter landing

@Stick_theLanding makes a not so buttery landing

Thanks for hopefully you like the photo and thanks again @Rolls and @Cpt_Joshua for the Awesome Flight


Thise are good pictures sadly i wont be able to contact you on the laptop anymore, IFC isnt there anymore lol anyways i see you a southwest 9999 Im the Atlas Air that was near the runway

I saw you was doing some tech and go to get the landings

Ah ok sorry if i didn’t respond i was busy @Stick_theLanding