Every Flight From DFW

I will be flying every scheduled flight from DFW for the day of JUN/21/2022 (as according to airport-dallas.com). Inspired by @AIDAN101

I will fly them in the order of scheduled departing time.

Flight Spreadsheet

If the exact airplane is unavailable, I will substitute it out for the next best available. Any codeshare flights are being flown as the actual airline that is operating the flight. (If AAL is painted on the side, it’s an AAL flight.)

Follow along with me as a slowly drive myself to madness!

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Atlas Air 8102 KRFD

Early morning departure

Cruising over Missouri

Descent into Chicago

Touchdown at RFD!

Flight one complete!

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@VixenKasai I just notice that Santa Barbara is missing on the flight spreadsheet it is an Airbus route for American out of DFW

I don’t think the website a pool from had every single flight out of DFW I’m going to try and do my best to fill in the missing ones

So going off this comment, I dove deeper into DFWs flight board and boy did I UNDERESTIMATE the power of DFW. I now have a spreadsheet of a lot more of the flights totaling near 500 (and I’m only up to 9:00CT departures)
😵‍💫 I may make some changes to how I execute this mission, including but not limited to the following:

  • I will change my wording from “Flight” to “Route” (flying 8 flights for the same airline to the same destination might get a little tedious) so as to only fly to each destination serviced departing DFW ONCE

  • I’m probably not going to put so much effort into the exact aircraft that flies the route.

  • I may also put a distance minimum on the flights. (Doing 25-40 minute regionals may also get a little tedious)

I’m going to try and organize my spreadsheet a little better and get as much data as I can before I depart the next flight.

Wish me luck 😅

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Im wishing you luck