Every day is fly day

From Geneva (Switzerland) to Belle Île (France, Atlantic ocean)

The roof of Europe

LFLL, Lyon

On approach over LFOD

Following VAC

Sunset over the west coast

Stars above the Atlantic

Its nice to see that Infinite Flight devs gives a chance to GA, hope to see another one in the coming year :)


I love this sim so much!

It’s got so much more potential to grow

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Wow. The last one is amazing!

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you land on water?

Haha no, that’s the airport
(LFEA for your info)

I just wanted to say something to all pilots out there who flies SIDs and STARSs

One day, jump in a SR22 with your VAC and just fly it.

Little things like following that highway or somewhere else going along the river until it turns right and then you need to head 280° or even flying above your hometown, checking that little village on your left telling you that you need to turn final…

All these things make flying so much better than setting that ILS and just glide into that overcrowded airport (at least in my opinion).

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Agreed, I was able to successfully navigate from memory from Boston to Baltimore was really fun!

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Nice pics! I love to fly GA aircraft so I can get a better look of my surroundings at low altitudes and flying slower.

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Me likely title! (That means I agree)

I’ve never noticed all those stars in IF. Have they always been there?


Always since Global update. All that in real time 👍

I just understood your comment lol
Nah it’s just for the beauty of the sentence :)

That should be a title of an IF movie.

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