Every Airline in the World

I’m gonna do Qantas and then go to bed.

I’m actually in the middle of adding Qantas right now

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Oh, I will do something else then…

Yeah, I’m gonna head off for the evening. Good luck editing guys!

Thank you @Qantas094

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You’re welcome, I’ll be adding more in shortly.


Hey, could you please change this to 1941? CAP was founded on December 1, 1941. Thanks!

Thanks for including CAP though :)

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This is an awesome thread!

Also, @Robertine will be joining us in this 😉

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Yeets in agreement

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Ohhhhhhh my goodness - that’s gonna take a looooooooooong time.

I wish you good luck!

Sorry, I must’ve made a typo, Definitely didn’t forget my memory work

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I don’t see Brussels Airlines on the list yet ;).
Fairly mayor airlines in Europe with an all-Airbus fleet and 7 special liveries if you count Star Alliance.

At the KLM discription, Alaska is in there. I think its a mistake.

Ooft a lot to go!! Wikipedia is a good starting point. Not a regular so here’s some suggestions:

  • Every airline in IF
  • Tigerair Australia
  • Rex Regional Express

Questions: does this list include defunct airlines (Air Italy, AtlasGlobal, Pan Am?), and how would you classify airline subsidiaries (such as Qantas & QantasLink, Jetstar & Jetstar Pacific, Jetstar Japan, Jetstar Asia)?

No love for Ryanair, easyJet and Air Baltic?

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I just edited SWISS in and if you have time/fun doing it, please feel free to copy one airline, change the data to one you want to have added and send it to me via PM. I will include it then and add you to the Contributors. This would make it much easier it it really is time consuming adding an airline and would be much appreciated.

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It looks like someone added South African under Avianca

What!!!??? Who did that!

“About Avianca

South African Airways is the state-owned flagship carrier of South Africa. Featuring an all-Airbus fleet, it is one of the most elegant ways to get to and from South Africa.”

Hahaha that’s funny, also Avianca operates the 787-8