Every aircraft I want to see I can't

While I am talking about Flightradar24, I’m not really talking about it in the context of Infinite Flight at all. I feel like every time I hear an aircraft above me and I go to search for it on Flightradar24 I don’t see it but if I see an aircraft near me on the app and I look up then I can see it. For example there was a helicopter circling near where I live very very close to my house for like 10 minutes. I turned on the radar and it showed there was aircraft in a hundred mile radius of me.

Hey maybe you should check this out. Anything interesting you find you can post there :)

Some aircraft (military, government, etc.) won’t be on FR24. It’s just because…welll…they are classified aircraft.

This article has information as to why:

Not all of the aircraft will show up on FR24, many will not have a transponder on, have one at all, or other various reasons.

Or simply the FR24 isnt receiving a signal from the aircraft.

Check out the FAQ section on FR24

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Flight Radar 24 uses ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast), which broadcasts to receivers via satellite. However, in most countries ADS-B isn’t a requirement, so some aircraft will not show up on FR24, also, operators may request for the aircraft not to be displayed, such as Military Operators or some Private Jet Operators.

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For military and government aircraft I use this page. For example you won’t find a KC-135 on FR24. I’ve even seen AWACS aircraft on it. Just use the U filter in the top right hand corner and you may find some interesting stuff ;)

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