Every 3D airport

I would like to know every 3D airport in the game to see which ones I haven’t gone to so if anyone knows how I can find each one then let me know!

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Check the map in the blog post

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that’s good thanks! Only thing is That I can’t see what the air out is as when I click on it it doesn’t come up

Just make sure to mark “Show all” in the top left :)


I see all the blue dots now but I can’t see what the Airport name is/ IACO code

Yes you can, hover the mouse over the dots :) Or tap if you’re on mobile.


yep works now thanks!

@AdamCallow made a website that includes a tool that has all the 3D airports.



yeah I use the website it’s very good but the new airports aren’t on the map!

Probably worth noting that it doesn’t have any 21.6 airports on it yet. Haven’t got round to it yet.


oh sorry just said that!!

Ah okay, good to know.

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