Evergreen Helicopters BO105!


In the 60s a man name Del Smith introduce to the world Evergreen Helicopters Evergreen was one of the first companies to support the use of commercial helicopters in dust cropping operations. In 1972 the company expanded into the use of heavy lift helicopters, acquiring a number of Sikorsky S-61. In March 1973 the massive Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane was added to the fleet, with a lift capacity of 20,000 pounds.Evergreen was part of the US Civil Reserve Air Fleet and the International Peace Operations Association. It was known to do work for the United States federal government, including fire suppression for the U.S. Forest Service, troop transportation in the Gulf War of 1991, as well as helicopter transportation for oil rig firefighters at the end of hostilities. The company provided aviation services for the Central Intelligence Agency as well, including transporting the Shah of Iran from Panama to the United States in 1980

In 2014 Evergreen was bought by Erickson Helicopters which came with 50 aircraft, when Erickson filed for Chapter 11, Pathfinder Aviation bought the Alaska division which came with several new bases and aircraft. One that came with us is the BO-105. The BO-105 is famous for being part of the Red Bull Aerobatic Team. Our BO105 wears the original Evergreen Colours. The pictures you’ll see are during it’s engine run.

(I dressed it up for Halloween)


That made me laugh. Great pictures looks like a wonderful helicopter.


Glad you enjoyed my odd sense of humour!

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