Evergreen C-130 livery

This would be a awesome C-130 Commercial livery
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This is the first livery that I like on that plane.


Wow, didn’t know they have a C-130…

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Wow I didn’t expect it to look that good😂

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Wow, that looks great! It would be nice to have this livery for the C-130 since it’s not military-related!

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i like it! :)

Commercial Livery? Is this used for Public Flights?

Think so it says on the website passenger

Then this isn’t a C-130 it’s a Lockheed L-100.

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They also do a lot of other contract work for the military. I have seen one of their 747 cargo aircraft while deployed for the air force.

What exactly is Evergreen?


That’s why I haven’t heard of it, it doesn’t exist anymore.

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Yeah, I think their aviation division died a few years ago.

It’s just a c-130 with no pylon tanks and military equipment.

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Evergreen Livery + C-130 = BEST PLANE EVER!!!

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Love the look of it!

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